READ: Doctor’s Well-Thought Out Post about Value and Respect

With less than a week from the upcoming elections, expect to come across more hilarious and intense posts on your Newsfeed. I am sure that somehow, we will have our two cents about it, too.

But, amidst all these online debates, one differ from the rest – a well-thought out post about value and respect.

An Ophthalmologist of Makati Medical Center (MMC) shared his wisdom on Facebook on how we must value and respect each other’s opinions.

In his post, he said, “Today, I wear pink.” He said that the color Pink could mean “good health” and love.

Furthermore, he refused to comment on political issues on his Facebook page not because he doesn’t care but how his parents taught him to value and respect other people.

Let’s take a break from political comments on Facebook and read his remarkable post:

Today, I wear pink.

Makati Med Doctor gives a thoughtful advice on value and respect

Not blue, not red, not yellow, not green, not orange. Pink.

Pink, which can mean good health. Pink, which can mean love.

I work at the Makati Medical Center, the only hospital that I am affiliated with. This is where I was trained. This is where I met life-long friends. This is where my beautiful wife gave birth to my two precious daughters.

I have refused to post anything political on my Facebook page, not because I do not care, but more because of what I value. I value respect, the way my parents taught me, and I try not to allow myself to judge a person based on who he or she is, the possessions that they may have, or the opinions that they may express.

When a patient walks into my clinic, I see someone that is asking for my help, for a health problem that is ailing him or her. When a patient sees me as she walks into my clinic, I pray that she sees me as an instrument of their healing. This is what I am, and this is what every person in this hospital wants to give.

When you arrive at our hospital, you’ll see a guard greet you, you may even see some of them rushing to get a wheelchair, and others stopping traffic on Dela Rosa, just to help them cross the street.

That nurse that you ran into at 6:00PM? Her shift was from 6:00AM to 2:00PM, but she had to stay behind to run more errands and endorse properly to the next team.

That intern or resident that looks like she’s carrying the weight of the world? She probably was able to get some sleep at 4:00AM, trying to make sure you recuperate well.

We are healthcare professionals first and foremost. But there are also some of us that have beliefs, and as individuals, they should be allowed to express what they believe in.

My timeline is filled with numerous friends and acquaintances that are supporting different candidates.

To my good friends in Makati, Davao, and Iloilo, who believe that there is only one, sino pa ba? Fight the good fight.

To old acquaintances that believe that they want a gobyernong may puso, I know she means well in wanting to serve our country.

To those that believe that the fierce intellectual one is the best choice, I still believe that she will go down as one of the best politicians to ever serve our country.

To those that want to continue the daang matuwid, they have very valid points, and we tend to overlook some of the things we are enjoying today.

And to fellow doctors, most especially to that ER nurse that had to go through that experience, those that are clamoring for change, may you stay firm in your beliefs.

On June 30, 2016, there will be a new president residing in Malacañang Palace.

In our home, we will still be the same. I will still wake up at 6:30 in the morning, kiss my wife and two daughters and head to work. But, as I drive, I will still try to stay within the speed limit, stop before the lines so that the pedestrians may cross, and I will keep the intersection open. When I apply for my driver’s license on my birthday, I will still head to Window 1, and avoid those that attempt to try and make the process easier. Every month, every quarter, every April, I will still ask my accountant to pay what is due to my country. When there is trash to be thrown, it still goes to the garbage can, and nowhere else. Every single day, I will still try to be a role model to my children. I am far, far, far beyond perfect, but that doesn’t mean I should not try to be a responsible citizen.

Lastly, when a patient comes into my clinic at the Makati Medical Center, I will still attempt to give the best care that a doctor should provide.

I pray that we remain respectful to each other. Stop the hate.

Spread the love and malasakit.

Today, I wear pink.

In color psychology, the color pink means “unconditional love and nurturing.” Moreover, it is a sign of hope. It is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay.

Just like him, I am hoping everything will be okay. 

Is the feeling mutual? Share your thoughts below.