5 Hits and Misses at the #PiliPinas2016 Presidential Debate

The Presidential Debate has been pretty interesting, and many of us wanted to ask those questions given by Filipinos from different sectors of the society. Many of the answers are things we’ve already heard before, but there are also some things that we liked. Here are some of the quotes that we liked – the hits and misses.

5 Hits and Misses at the #PiliPinas2016 Presidential Debate

Mar Roxas

Nakikita ko ang bansa na malayang mangarap… Nasa kamay natin ang kapalaran.

5 Hits & Misses at the #PiliPinas2016 Presidential Debate

Photo from MarRoxas.com

Mar Roxas came prepared. He studied his notes and made sure he would be able to answer all of the questions thrown at him. He started cool and relaxed, which came as a little surprise.

Hit: During the Face-to-Face with Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Roxas was asked, ‘There are three qualifications to be the President: Academic Excellence, Professional Excellence and Moral Excellence. Can you give examples of the three?’ The question was glorious – a subtle hit to clarify two of the biggest controversies Mar is involved with: his degree in Wharton and his work in the Government, especially as DILG Secretary during Typhoon Yolanda. In 1 minute and 30 seconds, he reiterated that he graduated in New York’s Top Business School-Wharton and has a diploma up on the wall to prove it. His professional excellence can be seen in the projects he has done and he also said that Sen. Santiago can prove that as they have worked closely together for some of projects during his stay in the Senate.

Miss: We have heard of his speeches about ‘Daang Matuwid’ and we are quite tired of it. Many of his answers were good, but they heavily relied on the ongoing projects the government already has. On the question regarding the concerns about the transportation system, specifically the MRT, he answered that there are already trains purchased and the government is already solving the problem. From his point of view, the issue is already being resolved; but as a Filipino who uses the MRT, do you think anything been resolved?

Jejomar Binay

Ang Pilipino ay maipagmamalaki.

5 Hits & Misses at the #PiliPinas2016 Presidential Debate

Photo from Jojo Binay Facebook Page

VP Binay knows that this was his last chance to capture the hearts of the Filipino voters. He stayed calm even when answering issues thrown at him. He was on his best behavior and was giving huge smiles to the audience and even his fellow Presidentiables.

Hit: He played on his strength – knowing the average Filipino. Most questions were from average Filipino workers, which Binay knows perfectly. When he was asked by a fisherman who was in the midst of the Ph-China dispute, he didn’t only answer on how to solve the problem, but also mentioned how he has projects to provide for the needs of fishermen and their families. He promised aid for livelihood, education and healthcare, which answered much more than the question, but was everything a Filipino needs.

Miss: The Vice President has kept mum about the allegations thrown at him regarding previous projects during his term in Makati and when Sec. Roxas asked him to use the stage and clear it up, he said he already answered the issue. Say that again?

Miriam Defensor-Santiago

“I have never been false to the Filipino people.”

5 Hits & Misses at the #PiliPinas2016 Presidential Debate

Photo from miriam.com.ph

There was a rise in MDS’ supporters in the past few months and seeing her on stage was a relief for her supporters. She answered with thorough knowledge about the Law and the Constitution.

Hit: We knew she would give amazing answers. When asked about the Philippine Transport System, Miriam answered in full detail. She acknowledged the problem and gave solutions to it. She said she wanted infrastractures, direct train systems from Manila to provinces like Bulacan and Sorsogon. She also wants to build a new airport to take us out from the misery of having the Worst Airport in the World. Another thing that we loved is that she was willing to push for clinical trials in the Philippines; for new medicines and to look for cures for different illnesses.

Miss: We expected more from Miriam. Instead of using all of the spare time and the final 30seconds to strengthen her answers, she didn’t use that opportunity, which left many MDS supporters hanging. Many also thought the Senator was better speaking in English than in Filipino where she stuttered. She should’ve stuck to English, so she could better express herself.

Rodrigo Duterte

“It is an injustice to the Filipino people.”

5 Hits & Misses at the #PiliPinas2016 Presidential Debate

Photo from Rody Duterte Facebook Page

Mayor Duterte, a crowd favorite and a front-runner in the Presidential Race stayed true to his personality. With a brown long-sleeved shirt with roll-up sleeves, he was relaxed and in his element during the Debate.

Hit: There is no denial that the Mayor speaks his mind. His honesty has played a big part on how voters choose him to be their bet on May 9. When he was asked about Contractual Employment, he acknowledged that it is a problem. It is something that the government should dismiss because if an employee is only in a certain job or company, he or she will not acquire enough skills and experience for a better job and a better future.

Miss: Though Rody’s Loyalty has been okay with his supporters, him being unapologetic about his previous actions are appalling. During his face-to-face with Sen. Grace Poe, he mentioned that Davao has a ‘Women’s Code’ and Davao is the place where women can’t wear bikinis and are instructed to wear shorts instead. He says this is one of Davao’s ways to protect women. Many people were furious with this answer because it really wasn’t the answer they were looking for.

Grace Poe

“Perhaps we should appreciate more respect, even a little restraint.”

5 Hits & Misses at the #PiliPinas2016 Presidential Debate

Senator Grace Poe came calm and prepared for battle. Many people love how she answered with the wit and grace that some candidates didn’t have.

Hit: Many of the voters wanted Grace Poe to speak on behalf of Filipinas. When asked about her stand on OFWs, she answered with a heart – staying true to what her team-up with Chiz stands for. She answered as a woman, a daughter, and a mother. She wants to create more work and business opportunities here in the Philippines to encourage OFWs to stay in the Philippines. She also said she would make benefits for former OFWs to thank them for helping the economy. Also, when she got the chance to go face-to-face with Mayor Duterte, she closed with the remark, ‘Perhaps we should appreciate more respect, even a little restraint….’ championing every Filipina.

Miss: When asked about the details of her citizenship, she answered gracefully that many people are dual citizens, but that won’t lessen how they love their country. This only opened more questions for the voters, though.

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