READ: A Netizen Came Up with a Punny Story About #DU30!


Now that Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte is about to become president of the Philippines, one of the things netizens talked about was his nickname. Current president Benigno Aquino III is called PNoy, while former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is called GMA. For Duterte, some names netizens came up with were Pigong (President Digong), P-Rod, and PRRD (President Rodrigo Roa Duterte). But others want to continue calling him DU30.

During his campaign, jokes about his name spread on social media. Someone said that if DU30 won, he would be DU31. And if he is asked who he is, he would say, DU32. But one netizen managed to make a story about Du30, and managed to reach Du38!

Read Eboy Bautista’s story below:

‪#‎DU30‬ waited patiently after the elections. When he found out that ‪#‎DU31‬ he immediately got a hold of a stranger’s phone and called his children. When hischildren asked who was calling he said, “hello. Si ‪#‎DU32‬!” his children said, “who?” “It’s me!”, he exclaimed. “The guy famous for the ‪#‎DU33‬ lianes fiasco!! But did you know that he wasn’t ‪#‎DU34‬ nothing, it took ‪#‎DU35‬ terms as mayor before he decided to run for president. His win took ‪#‎DU36‬ million votes ahead of his rival. Now, ‪#‎DU37‬-tyone years old, will probably be his last running term before retiring.

When he finally realized that, he went home and you know what he did?‪#‎DU38‬ some chicken.

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