Re-Tuning Your Body Through Crystal Sound Bath Meditation

The sound of the quartz crystal bowls vibrated to my body as soon as Yeyette San Luis struck them. At first, the sounds were thunderous, along with the silence that seemed to blast through my ears. This meditation was a whole new experience; my body seemed to be adjusting to it—can’t tell if it was resenting or tolerating the sounds. Initially, I felt discomfort so much so that the sounds triggered the memories of the chaotic events at home that morning. My responsibilities as a mother and wife overwhelm me most of the time.

Then I slowly found myself giving into the sound of the beating crystal bowls. I realized that they were harmonious, which facilitated peace and relaxation all throughout my body. Instantly, all negative thoughts that do nothing but exhaust my energies drowned and I let go of them! Happy thoughts suddenly flooded my mind; I finally felt peace. My sanity is redeemed!

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Sound healing has its roots in ancient civilizations. According to one research, Aboriginal people of Australia are the first known people to heal with sound. Ancient civilizations in Egypt and Greece have their own sound healing practices, as well. Advances in research have led to variations in sound healing practices, and cultures and beliefs may have played an important part.

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Sound healing “works in the principle of resonance; that everything, including our bodies, is in a state of vibration and therefore produces sound.” (Thanks to Yeyette’s correspondence, Ishilta, for this!) Our healthy bodies produce beautiful sounds, so when struck with illnesses, our bodies indicate that one of the sounds have tuned out. To be able to heal, proper and correct frequencies are used.

There are different forms of sound healing which make use of different devices and instruments. In fact, not all sounds affect our bodies the same way. The Crystal Bowls, which Yeyette used, create sounds fittingly for our body to receive because of our body’s water composition. Sound waves travel faster in water, and our bones have a crystalline structure which synchronizes the movement of sounds to our bodies. (Thanks again, Ishilta, for dropping further knowledge about the crystal bowls!) No wonder, I felt that my body was soothingly re-tuned to its harmonious state as the crystal bowls were played.

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I am grateful to have attended this workshop by Yeyette, who is sincerely dedicated to sound healing practice. She has her share of healing journey like everyone of us present in the workshop. As a young girl, she experienced throat-related health problems. She discovered the healing power of her voice, and through Divine Intervention, her love for music grew fervently. The field of music has a lot to testify to her talent because she is a passionate musician, song writer, and producer. Her talents paved the way to be an effective sound healer and energy healer. An accountant by profession, too, and surely, with many hats to wear, she manages to remain calm and focused to emit those positive energies.

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The sound healing workshop was a quick retreat from mommy duties. I was re-tuned, and I felt a load of negativity got chucked out of my system after the event. The effects of the meditation came in handy, that when I thought I lost my phone after accidentally leaving it in the venue, surprisingly, I was less panicky while dealing with the situation. 🙂

Yeyette San Luis