RAVEOLUTION: Unite In Color 

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Raveolution will be the country’s craziest and most fun paint & glow party tour that will transport fans into the ultimate mind blowing, head bumping, and heart pumping experience! Expect a culture of color, festivities, good music, and happy dancing people who are soaked in fun neon colors.  This is will serve as a temporary escape, a haven where people would be celebrating and dancing together with the different splashes of colors.

Get ready to be splashed and have fun with buckets of NEON PAINTS as our very own local DJs serve you a memorable and colorful night with their sick beats! With two of the country’s best, Those Damn Nerds and DJ Katsy Lee!


Time to paint our world as we bring you…

RAVEOLUTION: Unite in Color!
August 7, 2014 at Plato Bar
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Raveolution Line-up:

Those Damn Nerds
Katsy Lee
DJ Richard Tan
Steph Moreno
Edleen Lim

With MC Tiu

Rave, paint, music, repeat! This is how we do it! See you on August 7 at Plato Bar, Sherwood Place for RAVEOLUTION: Unite in Color!

We will be doing more road tours to different parts of the country! So make sure to stay tuned ‘cause we might be painting your town any time soon! 




RAVEOLUTION: Unite In Color 

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