Ramen X: Get Your Ramen Fix at Trinoma, QC


WHEN IN MANILA and craving for Japan’s ultimate comfort food, get your ramen fix at Ramen X. 





Being a casual fast-food restaurant, orders are served in 5 minutes or less! Moreover, Ramen X meals are very affordable – everyone can now enjoy a wide variety of savory ramen noodles for about Php 100 only!!! Take note, the servings are HUGE – good for sharing 🙂 Yay to inexpensive meals!


Oishi Ramen (Php 129)


This is Ramen X’s special blend soy and miso based soup with roast pork, chopped onions, fish cake, egg, cabbage and chili paste umami ball. The combination was truly Oishi – delicious and flavorful. It would have been better if only it was served steaming hot 🙂


Yoshi’s Ramen (Php 159)


Ramen X‘s Yoshi Ramen is a soy based noodle soup similar with Oishi Ramen but this time, with additional kakuni (marinated pork belly), garlic chips, marinated egg and adorned with a piece of seaweed. 



Because of the pork belly, there was a high oil content on the soup but it was still good. I also loved how evenly Ramen X cooked the noodles – not soggy and not too al dente. Even the veggies were still crunchy to bite.



My niece loved it. She especially liked the seaweed garnish. I wish it can be included in Ramen X’s add-on toppings as well.


Spicy Chikuwa 7  Ramen (Php 129)


Among all the ramen noodles that we tried that day, my favorite was the Spicy Chikuwa Ramen.  Ramen X’s soy broth was mixed together with a mild chili oil and 7 pieces of chikuwa or more commonly known as seafood rolls. The soup wasn’t too intense – simple and very straightforward, perfect for a quick spicy ramen fix 🙂


Peach Soda, Green Apple Soda, Yogurt Soda (Php 50 each)


We also had Ramen X‘s special fruit sodas. These tasted more like candy flavored sodas which were refreshingly good, especially after slurping all the yummy ramen noodles. 



WHEN IN MANILA, “Ramen X guarantees that each ramen bowl consumed will be accompanied by a hopeful sigh followed by a satisfied burp from each of their customers.”


Ramen X

2nd Floor, Trinoma Mall

EDSA, Quezon City


Watch out for more Ramen X Branches coming soon:

• Alabang Town Center •

• Centris Mall •

• Lucky Chinatown Mall •


Website: https://www.ramen.ph

Facebook: Ramen X


Menu: Ramen X Menu


WhenInManila Photos by JoTan23

Ramen X: Get Your Ramen Fix at Trinoma, QC


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