R8 Sunglasses : Bamboo Made Sun Specs that Go With Anything

R8 Sunglasses : Bamboo Made Sun Specs that Go With Anything

When In Manila, where everyday feels like a beach day because the sun never stops shining, we all need that one thing that can protect our eyes and make us look fresh under the sun at the same time. This is where R8 Sunglasses come in handy. These sunglasses are perfectly handcrafted out of bamboo, so no two items are completely the same. They are very lightweight and stylish, too. In fact, whether you’re dressed up for some water fun or are simply wearing your casual clothes around town, they are sure to compliment whatever you’re wearing!


The bamboo texture and awesome carvings speak for the originality and quality of every pair of R8 Sunglasses. In fact, all of the kick-ass bamboo made sun specs that they produce have polarized lenses and come with their own handmade bamboo case. For a very reasonable price of Php2,800, you can purchase the sunglasses through Viber, text or email and they will be delivered to you within a day in the Metro or within 2 days outside of Metro Manila. So, what are you waiting for? Get it while it’s hot!


Have fears of dropping your sunglasses in the water? Well, fear no more! As most people already know, bamboo just happens to float on water! So, don’t be surprised if you drop your pair of R8s in a pool or at the beach and find them floating around the same area just minding their own business.

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Aside from being comfortable and sturdy, these bamboo sunglasses are also edgy and fashionable and are a big trend when it comes to eyewear. Did I mention that you don’t have to worry about getting a certain color of polarised lenses for these pairs, either? That’s because when R8 Sunglasses hit the sun, they look like they are one color from one angle, but another color from another angle! Don’t believe me? Well, then, I guess you’ll just have to purchase one for yourself. “TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE”. 🙂 

If you want to get Php300 off on the regular price of R8 Sunglasses, they have a promo that will last until June 8, 2014. All you have to do is tell them that you read this article on www.wheninmanila.com and then use the promo code: r8wheninmanila

You’ll also get FREE shipping on 3 or more items purchased! Hooorayy with matching slow clap! R8 Sunglasses deserve it!

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R8 Sunglasses : Bamboo Made Sun Specs that Go With Anything


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