LOOK: These quirky and cuTEA infusers are a must-have for every TEAta

Ah, tea. What’s there not to love? There are many kinds, flavors, and blends, ranging from herbal teas, fruit teas, and even flowery blends. This fragrant cup is not only soothing, but it’s also milder than your average cup of joe. And did we mention that a lot of them with benefits like antioxidants, too?

For TEAtas such as myself who enjoy hoarding a wide range of teas, it only makes sense to also collect accessories that help enhance the tea experience. These include adorable mugs, tea sets, and of course, tea infusers to keep everything in one place. Because really, who would want to drink a mouthful of leaves or flowers?

Here are some of my recommended tea infusers from Lazada, and trust me, it’ll take a lot of self-control not to buy them all.

6 Quirky and CuTEA Infusers For Every TEAta

6. Slow Brew Silicone Tea Infuser

Photo from Lazada

Photo from Lazada

Take a break from the hectic work week and just chill with this sloth tea infuser. Made of heat-resistant silicone, this little guy hangs patiently on the rim of your mug. To brew your tea, just place your leaves on the sloth’s lower body, add hot water, and let it handle the rest. You’ll be relaxed in no time at all!

Get your very own cuTEA sloth infuser here!

5. Pet Cat Tea Infuser

Photo from Lazada

Photo from Lazada

Love cats? This tea infuser features an adorable black cat that’s made of food-grade silicone. To use, just twist the infuser open, add your tea leaves, and let it swim in a cup of hot water. This cuTEA (haha, get it) hangs on the side of the mug, slowly diffusing your tea while you curl up in bed and wait.

Get your very own PURRty cat infuser here!

4. Robot-shaped Tea Infuser

Photo from Lazada

Photo from Lazada

Something more modern this time around! This robot infuser is made of stainless steel, which is durable and long-lasting. What’s more, you can even use it for more than just tea. Yes, you can use it for coffee or even soup seasoning, too! In order to get this robot going, just push a button, load it, and drop it in hot water. Don’t forget to hook its arms to keep the robot secure while you’re at it! And when you’re done, just deposit it on a drip tray for less mess.

Get your very own futuristic robot infuser here!

3. Dino-shaped Tea Infuser

Photo from Lazada

Photo from Lazada

Fishing out a fallen tea bag can be a struggle, but this long-necked dinosaur tea infuser makes things easier. This prehistoric fellow is made of food-grade silicone, and can easily be filled with tea just by opening it up. When done, send it off for a swim, and you’ll be rewarded with a nice cup of tea in no time.

Get your very own big, friendly dinosaur infuser here!

2. Relaxed Dude Tea Infuser

Photo from Lazada

Photo from Lazada

How I wish that I could be as relaxed as this tea infuser man. Clad in nothing more than pants (removable, of course), he languidly sits in a cup of boiling oil as he diffuses tea. And not to worry, he’s made of silicone, so this little man can withstand the heat, and look stylish while he’s at it. Oh, and he won’t drown. He’s got a pretty good grip on the cup.

Get your very own little man infuser here!

1. Diver tea infuser

Photo from Lazada

Photo from Lazada

Saving the most adorable tea infuser for last, I’ve got this cute diver on the top of my list. Made of food-grade silicone, this little diver is first opened up and filled with tea leaves before being sent on an expedition in boiling water. There, he sits at the bottom as he diffuses tea. Once done, you can easily fish him out by tugging at his oxygen tank— conveniently sitting beside him. On, and did we mention that his tank comes in assorted colors to choose from? How cute is that?

Get your very own little diver here!

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