Quezon City Library Gets Upgraded, Looks Like a More Comfy Place to Do Research

There are many libraries in the Philippines that are not well-maintained and makes doing research even more tedious than it already is. Some of the old libraries are not properly maintained that most may not find it enticing to visit.

However, it is a different case for the Quezon City Library.

Recently, the library has undergone an upgrade. They revamped it to make it look better and more conducive for studying.

Jephan Botor shared the following photos of the revamped Quezon City Library on Facebook.

qc library (1) qc library (2) qc library (3) qc library (4) qc library (5) qc library (6)

The library seems brighter now and more comfortable to go to. It looks neat on the photos and organized.

There is even an area where kids can read books.

What do you think of Quezon City Library’s new look?

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