Queen of All Media Kris Aquino is OLAY Total Effects new Ambassador

Queen of all media Kris Aquino still holds the crown of being the most effective and lucrative endorser, agree?  When In Manila, Kris is perennially one of the most visible celebrity endorsers. It’s no surprise that she was officially launched as the new face of Olay Total Effects at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  Boy Abunda interviewed Kris; it was yin and yang on stage once again.


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Kris came out in a backless gold sequined dress which accentuated her much sexier and slimmer figure. But what people noticed more is her different aura brought about by her gleaming fairer and radiant complexion. I have seen Kris several times but I was stunned that her skin reflects effulgence. 


 krisaquino olaytotaleffects wheninmanila

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Kris, being her straight-forward self initially shared why she said yes to conglomerate Procter and Gamble’s (P&G) offer to be Olay Total Effects new ambassador. In summarization, she tests the products beforehand as she does not want to put her name and credibility at stake. “Nakakatakot to risk your credibility when you are endorsing other products,” Kris told Boy Abunda. She unflinchingly said that she used the products for 3 months to test it herself. “I fell in love with it because of the results that I was getting.” One would again think how she was able to maintain her youthful looking skin in spite of all the intrigues she use to face every day of her life. This is where she said good thing there are skin care products like Olay who can help women fight skin problems.


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Kris did not fail to mention that she was blessed to have good genes for her flawless skin, giving credit to her two grandmothers, alongside with her mom and sisters who used Olay while she was growing up. Kris said she would even sneak in their rooms and try some of the products herself.  She grew up hating her freckles but other than that she was happy of her skin condition.



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Want a surprising fact? Olay Total Effects Brand Manager Jia Salindong said “As per research, 90 % of whitening-cream-using Filipina women still suffer from skin ageing.”  Kris Aquino’s steadfast craft and career and lovelife? demand a diverse call for extreme close-ups and all the while she thought her whitening skin care regimen was already enough for her to look beautiful on and off screen.  Of course she was more than glad of this new discovery by Olay Total Effects.



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The product launch of the new Olay Total Effects targeted two main things: whitening and anti-ageing issue of women. If you are tired of buying and using a truck load of products in your face, now is the time to end it. The new Olay Total Effects are formulated with special ingredients such as Vita Niacin complex, wherein it’s made up of powerful skin care ingredients such as Vitamin E, Panthenol (Vitamin B5) and Niacinamide.  According to Kris, this complex has been proven to help fight seven (7) signs of skin ageing and deliver whitening benefits to help your skin achieve its radiant, youthful glow.



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Panthenol (Vitamin B5) attracts water into the skin barrier, so it aids in hydrating our skin. Vitamin E as an anti-oxidant is well known to make our skin stay younger and fresher by preventing its moisture loss. Lastly, Niacinamide can give visible reduction to the appearance of the skin aging, helping reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


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Thanks to the new Olay Total Effects as it seems that it hasn’t stopped giving its consumers top of the line skin care products. This is one way to get many good effects from just one product that you are using on your skin. The Olay Total Effects can make a great deal of difference in your beauty regimen. You do not only save up a lot but also saves your skin from ageing too fast.  


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Don’t you just love the intervention of products like this and how easy you can get them When In Manila? Olay Total Effects is an all-in-one product designed for the modern, hip and active women who are concerned on both ageing and whitening. As what Kris says,  she is not just ready for her close-up, she closes the launch with, “I am always ready for my close-up!” Well, are you?


olay philippines krisaquino wheninmanila023olay philippines krisaquino wheninmanila
Kris Aquino’s complexion rendered all my shots of her too white if not ghastly white, because the light bounced off her flawless skin without any fail. Oh yes, she’s blessed and she definitely challenged my photography skills that particular day , whew!