Quantum Cafe: Where Delicious and Healthy Food Meet

Quantum Cafe



When In Manila, where one need not to compromise good and delectable food for healthy (and sometimes bland) alternatives, Quantum Café in Makati makes having both incredibly possible—with their unique and reasonably-priced recipes that will surely fill the mind, heart and tummy.



quantumcafe 1

Quantum Cafe, Makati City



Located along the corner of Bagtikan Street in San Antonio Village, Quantum Cafe gives off a very charming, homey and intimate feel—making eating and enjoying each other’s company more laid-back and pleasant.



quantumcafe 2

Quantum Cafe, Makati City


quantumcafe 13

Quantum Cafe, Makati City



I tried a number of Quantum Cafe‘s dishes last April 12 and was immediately elated by how delicious each one was. The presentation of every dish that arrived was so creative—asserting that much thought was put not just in the way it was concocted but also in the way it is to be depicted.



quantumcafe 9

Quantum Cafe, Makati City


quantumcafe 4

Quantum Cafe, Makati City



One of Quantum Cafe’s best-sellers was the Handmade Beef Burger Steak, grilled succulently with various herbs and spices. It was unlike any other burger steak I’ve ever tasted, because each bite exploded with luscious and refreshing flavors that leave you craving for more. It was served with fibrous brown rice wrapped neatly and attractively in a thin strip of Japanese seaweed. Another dish we ordered was Chicken Teriyaki, which was boneless chicken baked on a bed of broccoli and garlic. The chicken was very tender, and its sweet flavor was complimented well with the same healthy, brown rice.



quantumcafe 6

Handmade Beef Burger Steak at Quantum Cafe


quantumcafe 7

 Quantum Cafe Chicken Teriyaki 



The Quantum Cafe house specialty was their Sizzling Bangus Sisig, a creamy dish with a tinge of tang served on a sizzling plate. The strong flavor seemed to go perfect with a bottle of beer, as I noticed most of the restaurant’s customers order the two together. We were also served two kinds of pizza: the best-selling Northern Mix, made with fresh tomato sauce, Ilocos longganisa, and kesong puti, and the newest one (not yet seen on the menu) sure to be a hit, Mushroom Pizza. As equally yummy as the food was the drink we ordered: Quantum Iced Tea, a very invigorating brew of natural green tea and apple that is perfect for the hot summer season.



quantumcafe 8

 Quantum Cafe Sizzling Bangus Sisig


quantumcafe 3

 Quantum Cafe Northern Mix


quantumcafe 12

Quantum Cafe Mushroom Pizza


quantumcafe 16

With Quantum Cafe’s Twinkle Ferraren.

L-R: Pauline Vitug, Giana Gatan, Gretchen Gatan, Twinkle Ferraren



When In Manila, don’t worry too much about not being able to indulge in delicious food while trying to stick to a healthy diet. Quantum Café is open to serve you with a variety of their nutritious and mouth-watering dishes, both for meat lovers and vegetarians. Ready those bellies for a delightful experience of good service and good food.




Quantum Café is also a perfect venue for events, parties, meetings, seminars, and the like. For more information, visit their webpage at https://www.quantumcafe.ph.



Quantum Café

9590 Kamagong cor. Bagtikan Street, Makati City (entrance on Bagtikan Street)

E-mail: eat@quantumcafe.ph

Contact Number: +63 2 519-0757



Quantum Cafe Makati: Where Delicious and Healthy Food Meet