Qi Spa: Get Treated Like Royalty for Just P250

P250 for a one hour massage. Need I say more?

Along D. Tuazon lies Qi Spa (pronounced as “Chi” in Mandarin or “Ki” in Fookien), a gem that must be heaven-sent by the massage gods to overworked mortals like me who need a regular quick fix after a long day at work. With just P250, you can easily make a massage your weekly indulgence!

Qi Spa.1

Make no mistake. 250 pesos will bring you nowhere close to a shabby or shady spa. Instead, Qi Spa will treat you to some fanciness and deliver superb service. Right when you set foot inside this delightful haven, Qi Spa greets you with its sleek and modern aesthetic design. Here, you definitely get a service that’s worth twice, or even thrice, of what you pay for.

Qi Spa 1.1 Tip #1: Schedule a reservation before visiting Qi Spa especially during peak hours (around 6pm onwards) and weekends, so you won’t have to wait in a long line with your sore muscles.

Qi Spa 6.1The venue is very clean, all-new and relaxing. Seriously. A massage here costs P250?

First things first: a foot massage! You’ll get your feet soaked in nice, hot water before getting the foot massage with your choice of eucalyptus, lavender, rose, or even unscented oil.

Qi Spa 3.1

Qi Spa’s Foot Reflexology gives you not just a foot massagethe masseuse will pamper you with a bonus arm and back massage, too. And it will keep you wanting for more. You will also get a hot compress to soothe back pain while you enjoy your foot massage.

Qi Spa 5.1

Because Qi Spa’s Foot Reflexology left so much to be desired, we decided to get a full body Swedish massage, which Qi Spa is best known for. Qi Spa prides itself of providing customers with a more comfortable experience. I personally have experienced getting other relatively cheap Swedish massage before. They usually have the low bed type, which strains the neck. Low beds are generally recommended only for Thai massage. To my relief, Qi Spa offers 11 Swedish beds, which many spas around the same price range lack. Qi Spa also has 3 Thai beds for those who are more into Thai massage.

Qi Spa 8.1Look at those interiors! You’ll definitely forget you’re paying only P250!

I also especially liked the fact that my masseuse often checked in with me if the pressure was too much. I practically went home floating/sleepwalking after feeling so relaxed.

Qi Spa 7.1 Tip #2: After getting your full body massage, don’t skip on their ginger tea! I have never been a fan of ginger, but believe me, their tea is oh-so-gooood!

If you, too, would like to luxuriate and be treated like royalty, then head now to Qi Spa! I definitely can’t wait to come back. Next on my list: Qi Hot Stone Massage and Ear Candling from Qi Spa!

Did I mention too that for every ten massages, you get a free one?  Stamp cards!

Qi Spa

Open from Monday to Sunday, 1pm to 1am
104A D. Tuazon Street, Brgy Lourdes, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City
(02) 411 2845
Facebook: www.facebook.com/QiSpa.PH


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