PYT The First Hair Clinic in the Philippines is Now Open

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Pretty Young Thing or PYT from Brooklyn, New York opens its pioneering hair clinic in SM Megamall Philippines, offering a revolutionary lineup of effective treatments for hair regrowth. PYT opened the doors of its very first hair clinic located at the 2nd level of SM Megamall building A in August 2021. Not to be mistaken as a hair salon, PYT Hair Clinic Philippines offers revolutionary hair treatments as a solution to hair loss and damage. The chic and vibrant clinic features intensive and effective hair regrowth solutions such as the Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy and Grandio Hair Perfection.

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PYT Hair Clinic Philippines also has a lineup of treatments that care for damaged hair using innovative technology to successfully restore your hair to its healthy state – these are the Frozen Hair Care Treatment and the Nano Hair Plax Treatment. Personally, I really enjoyed this treatment, It was such a relaxing yet fun experience as the PYT experts explained the stark difference between these treatments compared to your normal salon treatments that we thought were good for our hair and scalp. In fact, after discussing things with these hair experts a lot of the things that I thought were good for my hair like hot oil or keratin were something that I shouldn’t do. (Mind blown!) In addition to these treatments, the clinic also offers hair removal with their Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal, and a skin rejuvenation treatment called Perfectio Facial Treatment.

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We’re so happy that PYT opened its first-ever hair clinic in the Philippines in response to the rising demand for hair and scalp treatments accessible to Filipinos. PYT Hair Clinic Philippines stands with the belief that hair and scalp treatments need not be intimidating and serious, but fun and therapeutic.

To know more about how you can care for your scalp and hair, visit the experts at PYT Hair Clinic Philippines located SM Megamall Bldg A. Or check them out on their social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram