Pyromusical Competition: The Fireworks Finale at Manila Bay


Pyromusical Competition: The Fireworks Finale at Manila Bay


The Pyromusical competition organized by Close Up is one of the most celebrated events of the year When in Manila. For the year 2012, Close Up hoped to give everyone their kilig moments through the fireworks display and true enough, the six-week long spectacle moved people closer.

Before the grand finale for Close Up Pyromusical Competition, Close Up proudly introduced the brand’s newest couple, an emerging pop-rock band, and the recent addition to its list of sweet music videos.


We all experienced kilig through Close Up’s music videos over the years. Who of you found yourself singing to the tune of Come Closer, Just A Smile, and the classic Closer You and I? It’s not surprising if we all did! After all, the artists behind these songs are no other than Rico Blanco, Barbie Almalbis, and Gino Padilla!




This time, Close Up decided to give us a breath of fresh air as they give the floor to one of the fast-rising bands in the Pinoy music scene — Never The Strangers. They also performed at the concert of the Pyromusical competition.

Their song, Moving Closer, is the perfect background for two people who fell in love at first sight, Close Up’s newest faces Ian Batherson and Valerie Weignmann.


Close Up, through Hongkong Emperor restaurant, served the media real good food!




Not only did Close Up succeed in sending kilig vibes through their music video, they also gave a grand romantic touch to the SM Mall of Asia Grounds with the presentations of Italy and our very own Philippines in the finale night of the Pyromusical Competition.


Here’s what Italy showed in the finale of the Pyromusical competition:



Pyromusical Competition: The Fireworks Finale at Manila Bay

The Philippines started a good show but unfortunately, a technical problem occurred in the middle of our Pyromusical competition fireworks display.

The fireworks continued on the whole night for this wonderful Pyromusical Competition: The Fireworks Finale at Manila Bay. Close Up also announced the winners as follows:

Champion: Canada
1st runner up: tie between Australia and Finland
2nd runner up:  Netherlands

The Close Up Pyromusical Competition proved once again that it is something to look forward to when in Manila. Close Up, by successfully organizing a six-week romantic event, undoubtedly moved people closer. With Close Up and a beautiful Pyromusical night, everyone got an awesome dose of kilig moments!

Pyromusical Competition: The Fireworks Finale at Manila Bay

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