Pyro Musical Fireworks Show at the Mall of Asia on the Valentine Cruise Yacht

Just when you thought, life doesn’t get any better… then man invented fireworks!

The Pyro Musical Fireworks Display Show at the SM Mall of Asia ( MOA ) is probably one of the coolest events in the Philippines. Every year, different countries come here to compete for the crown and title of “Supreme Pyro Maniac”!!! Ok… I just made up that title, but you get what I’m saying.

This year, America, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, China and the Philippines will be competing for the coveted PYRO title.

The pyromusical is basically a friendly fireworks competition between different nations to show off their colors, skills and fire power! They show off in front of the Mall of Asia (MoA), where they fire off from firecracker cannons on board ships out by the Manila Bay.

Manila Bay is famous for two things – the Manila Bay Sunset and the Pyro Musicals. So make sure to check out both When In Manila.

Now if you’ve ever tried going to the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) during one of these events, then you know how bad the traffic and the crowds are during this fireworks festival. So instead, you need to do what the cool kids do… get on the Valentine Cruise / Pyro Musical CruiseYacht and watch the firework show from within Manila Bay, on your own yacht instead.

We were invited by Valerie and Paul to sail on board their beautiful yacht! It’s the same boat that’s popularly known for its Valentine Cruises.

The first sign of this TOTAL WIN was that you don’t have to drive through the crazy traffic to get to the Mall of Asia. Instead, you drive out by Roxas Boulevard. We were able to witness the breathtaking Manila Bay Sunset before we sailed away. We set sail at around 6:30pm, in time for a 7ish start of the PyroMusical.

First of all, the yacht was very nice! There was enough space for everyone to walk around and enjoy the 360 degree views of Manila Bay and Manila itself. The Valentine Yacht had mattresses spread out throughout the deck of the bow and pretty much anything topside so we could just lie in bed looking up into the sky and the stars as the breeze brushed through and the boat carried us away.

When it finally started… there was nothing but oooohhhhs and aaaaaahhhhhs!

It was an AMAZING experience to see the Pyro-Musical Competition from up close! We were pretty much right under the fireworks, but just far enough as not to hurt our necks. You could see the crowds gathered by the Mall of Asia all squished together trying to get a better view of the Fireworks Show. While we were sitting comfortably on wonderful yacht.

Oh and thanks to Sony for lending me their Sony XR520 HD Camcorder. It’s this A-F-ING-MAZING camera that has 240GB of memory, a slick-sick zoom ratio, priceless image stabilization filters and so much more! But yeah my two favorite functions were the image stabilizers and the zoom. You all know how hard it is to hold a cam steady, especially when you’re like me, running around all over the place trying to get all the footage I can. But that stabilizing stuff really kept my shots steady! Oh and how about the crazy sick zoom! Check out the shots on the videos where I pretty much zoom into the ships that were shooting out the fireworks as if I was right there and also with me zooming into the crowds at the Mall of Asia all the way from our Yacht!

So yeah… sorry about that tangent, but I was totally having fun with that P90,000 Sony XR520 High Def Cam!

Back to the fireworks and the yacht….

Rates for the Valentine Cruise and Pyromusical Cruise is Php2,000/person including food and drinks. 3 hours of sailing along Manila Bay to SM Mall of Asia. Which to me is a very affordable price! Did I mention that it included dinner / food?

But yeah I just have waaaay too much good things to say about this entire experience. So I’ll put out a second post with more fireworks footage from the Valentines Cruise / PyroMusical Cruise Yacht soon.

But for now, remember that When In Manila, you NEED to come on board your very own Valentine Cruise Yacht and check out the Pyro Musical Fireworks Display Show for yourself! Avoid the crazy crowds and traffic at the Mall of Asia and just sail away at the Manila Bay to watch the Fireworks! Oh and don’t forget to catch a beautiful Manila Bay Sunset while you’re there!


Event: Pyro Musical Fireworks Display Show by the SM Mall of Asia

Special Event: Watching the Fireworks from the Valentine Cruise Yacht



Contact: Valerie 0917899-0982 / 0922361-4544

Price: P2,000 per person inclusive of food, drinks and cruise

You can also rent out this Valentine Cruise / PyroMusical Cruise yacht or other bigger yachts on ANY other day of the year by contacting Valerie by the email or phone numbers mentioned above.


AMAZING Photography by Hannah of

Pyro Musical Fireworks Show at the Mall of Asia on the Valentine Cruise Yacht

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