PULP Summer Slam XIII: DragonForce, Coheed and Cambria are Two Bands To See Before You Die!!!

PULP Summer Slam XIII Features DragonForce, Coheed and Cambria in Their Sickest Line-Up Yet!

PULP Summer Slam.

The yearly rockfest that brings together the heaviest rock acts in and out of the country. Uniting the throngs of hardcore fans at the Amoranto Stadium. Clad in black. Gaping mosh pits. And maybe even some pickpocketing here and there.

When In Manila, this year’s PULP Summer Slam may be the best yet in its 13 years of guitar-smashing existence. And I may be a little bit biased here. But hell, that’s why I blog.


As a Progressive Rock head-banger, you just have to tell me that DragonForce and Coheed and Cambria are playing. And I’m sold. No need to convince me. I’m there.

If you’ve heard them before, you don’t need my convincing. But if not yet, well let me tell you something about these two bands. Or better yet, let me SHOW you how they rock and you don’t even have to bother with my narrative.

PULP Summer Slam XIII Must-See Band: DragonForce

Genre: Progressive Metal/Power Metal

Notable members: Herman Li; Sam Totman

Songs for your education: Through the Fire and Flames; Fury the Storm; Revolution Deathsquad; Heroes of Our Time

Pulp Summer Slam XIII Dragonforce Spread No one can shred the guitar better than Herman Li. Well, maybe Sam Totman his co-guitarist. Then again, they’re part of one and the same band.

They play so fast it’s unfair to compare them to any other guitarist. They scale through the fretboard so fiercely their music sounds like video game tracks on steroids. Add the double pedal  blast beats of drummer Dave Mackintosh and top off with the powerful vocal range of new vocalist Marc Hudson and you have a band that eats musical magnum opi for breakfast!

But enough chit chat, let’s watch the band play “Through the Fire and Flames” from their Japan concert last year, shall we?

If you clapped and shouted “Woo!!!” at the end of the song, you’re not alone, brother!

Yes, DragonForce in all their full-speed glory will be playing in PULP Summer Slam XIII. Prepare to be amazed!

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