PUBG MOBILE Unveils New Dragon Ball Super Character Sets, Items, and More

PUBG MOBILE proudly unveiled its new collaboration with Dragon Ball Super, bringing exciting new Dragon Ball Super sets, items, outfits, and voice packs to the battlegrounds alongside the return of previous Dragon Ball Super fan-favorites, plus the debut of IP-themed Home figures and a new Prize Path!

Until July 31st, PUBG MOBILE players can elevate their gameplay experience with all-new Dragon Ball Super character sets, items, voice packs, and outfits. These include the Vegito Character Set, Bulma Character Set, alongside epic and upgraded forms of previously featured characters with the Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku Character Set and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Character Set. Players can also rediscover favorites from PUBG MOBILE’s initial Dragon Ball Super collaboration, enriching their collections with exclusive pieces they may have missed.PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Super

Alongside these exciting new additions, PUBG MOBILE is thrilled to introduce its first-ever permanent IP collaboration figure collection for PUBG MOBILE’s Home mode, showcasing  Dragon Ball Super characters such as Son Goku, Vegeta, Vegito, Piccolo, Frieza, Ultimate Gohan and Bulma, and iconic location  such as the Kame House.  Players can collect and exhibit these figures to showcase in the mode.

The new figures will be available through the Home mode, in-game events, the Vegito Crate in the Prize Path, or direct purchase from the Home Shop.

PUBG MOBILE’s newly upgraded Prize Path brings 40 exciting reward levels. After activating the path with a one-off UC spend, players can complete missions to level up, collecting points to unlock further Dragon Ball Super themed rewards. Players can also begin missions ahead of unlocking the Prize Path, with the ability to unlock the path later on and instantly receive level rewards.

Upon collecting enough points in the Prize Path, or gathering Crate Vouchers as level rewards, players can unlock Selection Crates and choose a reward from the selection provided, with unclaimed rewards available in the Event Shop.

Character Crates can be opened using the corresponding Character Vouchers, obtained as level rewards or purchased through the Event Shop. Upon reaching levels 20 and 40, players have the opportunity to select one Character set as the level reward, with any unselected outfits obtainable by opening crates in the Event Shop. Collecting specific items will also unlock additional rewards such as avatars, avatar frames, stickers, and more.

Additionally, between June 7th and July 9th, players can conquer stages in the Dragon Ball Super Matching Game to earn exclusive PUBG MOBILE Dragon Ball Super rewards, including the Mai Style Set, Dragon Ball Super Character Trial Voice Packs, and the Four-Star Ball Home Figure.

The PUBG MOBILE x Dragon Ball Super collaboration update is available starting today until July 31st. Download and play the game for free on the App Store and Google Play Store to try the new content.