Protesters apologize for ‘overreacting’ and disrupting airport operations

Protesters in Hong Kong issued an apology after disrupting the operations in the airport in the past two days. The protests that they have done at the airport caused many flight cancellations. Moreover, it also resulted in the attack of two mainland Chinese men and several police attacks but these weren’t mentioned in the apology.

Protesters asked for understanding and some even vowed to pause the demonstrations in the airport for now.

In the past days, there has been a massive demonstration in the airport as can be seen on the video by the South China Morning Post below.

In line with this, protesters signed and issued a statement saying that they felt heartbroken and helpless regarding the overreaction of some protesters on Tuesday, without referring to specific incidents.

Photo source: South China Morning Post

This massive protest in the airport occurred on the fifth day of a mass sit-in by protesters who sought to explain to visitors the crisis triggered by the Hong Kong government’s proposed extradition bill.

The bill has been suspended since. However, if it pushes through, it will allow the city to transfer suspects to jurisdictions with which it does not have an extradition deal, including the mainland.

Due to this, many protests have happened throughout the entire city since June.

“Many Hongkongers are exhausted and have become paranoid after experiencing all these fears and injustice,” said in the statement.

It also explained that what the protesters did on Tuesday night was an “overreaction” resulting from chronic mental pressure and “provocation” at the scene.

Due to this, the protesters issued an apology and mentioned that they will have to reflect on their strategies.

“Being stranded for three days, canceled flights and forced changes of the itinerary are not what you deserve, nor is this what we initially aspired to do,” the statement added.

Protesters explained that they had to take it to the airport as it had become the final safe place for them to express their views.

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