Protect your PC with Norton Antivirus 2012

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In this day and age, most people have become digital lemmings. It’s not uncommon anymore to be spending several hours of the day glued in front of the computer. Like me, my day wouldn’t be complete without checking my email, Facebook or posting something on Twitter and you know what would really ruin my day? It’s on the rare occasion that I might find my computer infected with a virus. Sometimes no matter how careful you are, if your computer is not really equipped with the best antivirus then there’s a good chance that it will get infected. When in Manila and you’re looking for the best program to protect your PC then read on.

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Just look at the little Norton quick access widget on my desktop after installation.

It has become a habit of mine to regularly check software reviews especially the best antivirus programs. I like to keep the programs on my PC up-to-date. One of the antivirus softwares that I’ve heard good reviews on is Norton Antivirus 2012 and I’m lucky enough to personally find out why.


Inserting the installation disk of Norton 2012 prompts the autoplay function and instantly downloads updates to the program if you’re connected to the internet. This was what I noticed that was a bit unusual but after a few minutes of waiting, the installation was complete. The program will then ask you to activate and give you prompts to get started.




Tweaks and Settings

After installation, the program already has default settings for you to start from. These are the most recommended settings for users who don’t know that much with customization. After just a quick scan of the options available, I was able to tweak it to the security settings that I needed.


The interface of the program is pretty simple and informative. The colors are the familiar amber and dark gray shades. You have the option to immediately perform an initial scan of your system or to update the virus definitions. The little world map on the bottom shows the real-time cybercrime monitoring system from the folks at Norton. Isn’t it great? You can actually see how Norton is actively providing security all around the world.


Extra Functions

Norton Antivirus 2012 not only protects your PC from viruses, malwares and hijackers, it also monitors everything that’s happening in your system. I especially like the System Insight function. A quick click of the “Learn More” link taught me that this function will eventually show the tasks performed on the computer since the installation of Norton. With this you can easily trace and troubleshoot your PC should it start to encounter an error at some point.


The Norton Insight function then shows the running programs in your PC. It shows the trust rating of each program and the security threat it might pose to your PC. Also I discovered this later on, when a program uses too much of the computing process, Norton gives you a notification.

Neat huh?


I’ve heard rumors that Norton Antivirus 2012 can be a resource hog but I can honestly tell you that it’s not. Take it from me, I need all the resources I can squeeze out of my PC when I’m doing 3d renderings. Having Norton Antivirus 2012 running in the background didn’t hamper my rendering time. Indeed, When in Manila recommends Norton Antivirus 2012 as a great antivirus program to get your computer completely protected. The fact that it also offers so much more in terms of system protection and monitoring makes it an essential program to have in your PC.

Norton Antivirus 2012 with Antisypware


Protect your PC with Norton Antivirus 2012