Project Y: Urban Ashram Manila’s Campaign for Yoga for Young Adults

Project Y: Urban Ashram Manila’s Campaign for Youth

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Urban Ashram Manila launched Project Y last April 2014 as part of their campaign to bring awareness to the youth on healthy lifestyle. It is an advocacy project of UAM to introduce the benefits of Yoga, which is not only a way to work on your body (strength and detox) , but also on your mental (focus and confidence) and spiritual health (moods and outlook on life). To Urban Ashram Manila, yoga is the way to go to improve on one’s physique, mind and soul. 

With the success of last year’s launch, Year 2 is now officially started. 

*Urban Ashram Manila offers FNR (Flexibility Not Required) classes for beginners! More about it here: Urban Ashram Manila: Flexibility Not Required Classes for Beginner Yoga Practitioners

Practice Life 

The campaign had a successful launch this April 15, 2015 at the Urban Ashram Manila at the High Street Branch. 

The event provided snacks for the yogis. There were mini cupcakes from Cupcake Couture… 

urban ashram

Jambac Juices (Apple ‘n Greens!)

urban ashram

and there were plenty of Vita Cocos to go around during the event. urban ashram

urban ashram

There were also snacks from Kurikipu after class.

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Prizes were even raffled off to lucky participants from generous sponsors such as Vita Coco, Under Armour, Grab Taxi, Shinigawa, Aura Athletica, Big Day Slim Team and Tala Mala. 


An open-music Yoga party was led by Mr. Lasse Holopainen, one of Urban Ashram Manila’s founders. 

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The live music, courtesy of DJ Azada, is played in the background. 

urban ashram

urban ashram

The yoga class was attended by roughly around 60 practitioners who all groaned and grunted collectively and pushed their flexibility limits during the practice. Good jobs guys! 🙂

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Project Y’s Latest Brand Ambassador

Urban Ashram had been looking a new brand ambassador for Project Y to further inspire young people to live a healthy life. An ambassador who UAM thinks can embody the vibrancy of youth. Six finalists were chosen to conquer challenges for the awareness of yoga. 

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Ken Laput bagged the spot and Lexie Puzon was also awarded as the honorary brand ambassador. 

Ken graced us with some of his dances moves to cap off the night. Whadya know. He’s a dancer slash dance coach who does yoga.

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Read about why Manila is becoming a nirvana for yoga here: 8 Reasons Why Manila is Becoming Nirvana for Yoga.

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