Project Runway Philippines Promises Ultimate Showdown With Season 3 Finale, Airing Tomorrow on ETC

When In Manila, fashion is not just about clothes–it’s art, a means of self-expression, a passion, a lifestyle.  For devotees of the sartorial culture, what you wear and how you wear it go beyond mere trendspotting and name-brand dropping: clothes can send messages, collections tell stories, and designers create accessible works of art.

This is an aesthetic that ETC’s Project Runway Philippines understands.  For three seasons, it has been the format for finding the next best and brightest in the realm of Philippine fashion: designers who understand that fashion isn’t just about runways and trends: it is, in the words of Gossip Girls Blair Waldorf, “…the most powerful art there is.  It’s movement, design and architecture all in one.

It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.”

Now, with PRP’s third season coming to a close, the hit show promises its most dramatic finalé yet.  In a Project Runway Philippines history-making final showdown, four designers are set to hit the final runway.  Tomorrow, Sunday, July 1st, at 8PM on ETC, Milka Quin Redoble, Nel Claveria Jr., Amor Albano, and Cheetah Rivera will be battling it out to see who’s in and who’s out as Project Runway Philippines’ Season 3 champion.


 The final four: (from left) Cheetah Rivera, Nel Claveria, Amor Albano, and Milka Quin Redoble.  Who will be the ruler of the runway?

Who will triumph?  Will it be 34-year-old mom and entrepreneur Milka, the former frontrunner now trying to redeem herself after placing at the bottom in the past two challenges?  Will it be Laoag City’s pride, 28-year-old Amor, who battled homesickness and almost quit, before emerging as a true contender in the final four?  Will it be 30-year-old dark horse Nel, who’s swung from top to bottom and back throughout the competition, and constantly keeps the judges guessing?  Or will it be fashion’s favorite ingenué, Cheetah, who had a rocky start but now wows with her rule-breaking, out-of-the-box aesthetic?

To find out who will rule the runway, tune in to ETC tomorrow, July 1, at 8PM for Project Runway Philippines’ Season 3’s grand finalé!  And stay tuned for the special behind-the-scenes When In Manila recap/coverage, by yours truly!

Project Runway Philippines Promises Ultimate Showdown With Season 3 Finale, Airing Tomorrow on ETC