PRison Break by The Capta1Ns

prison breakPRison Break by The Capta1Ns


PRison Break

The Capta1Ns (a.ka. Bachelor in Advertising &Public Relations section 4-1N) under the College of Communications of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines is organizing a seminar dubbed as PRison Break. The said event is part of the 12th Annual Advertising & Public Relations Congress. The congress will be held on the 24th ‘til 27th of November, 2013.

PRison Break is a seminar about proper issues management with regards to prominent personalities and brands. Blueprint of the seminar includes presentation of different kinds of image-destructive issues. The seminar will also showcase the effects of bad issues on the public image of the persons/ brands. We’ve invited speakers from the industry’s finest companies who will unfold proven and effective PR strategies and tactics to help prison-break from bad issues.


There will also be practical applications of the talks through workshop.

You are legally invited to participate in this seminar to get more practical ideas which will truly be helpful in your future career. The congress will also feature five more seminars proudly organized by the fourth year students of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations batch 2014.


This event is also made possible by our sponsors and media partners.


PRison Break, Your Way Out.



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PRison Break by The Capta1Ns