LOOK: These powdered fruits and veggies can be used for juices, soups, and more

And they’re the answer to the oversupply of fresh produce from the pandemic!

After weeks of concern over food shortage, our country’s farmers are now faced with yet another problem: oversupply. A few months following the nationwide lockdown in the Philippines, farmers in Ifugao and Nueva Vizcaya reported an oversupply of crops due to the supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19.

Photo from Bunga Philippines

Photo from Bunga Philippines

Subsequently, the farm gate price of tomatoes dramatically dropped from its usual price of PHP 15 to PHP 20 to only PHP 2 to PHP 5 per kilo, while the prices of squash fell from PHP 35 to only PHP 3 or even PHP 5. And even with the reduced prices, farmers still couldn’t sell most of their perishable goods — forcing them to dump ripening produce they can no longer sell onto vacant lots or roadsides.

Viral photos of crops being thrown away caught the attention of Bunga Philippines, a food powder manufacturer, and retailer. Coming from a family of farmers themselves, they knew the sweat and toil every farmer invests in each piece of fruit or vegetable, and they could not just watch and do nothing.

“The widespread dumping of fresh produce during a time when millions of Filipinos are financially hurting is devastating, to say the least. While the pandemic has surely exposed the fragility of our economy, it has also put into perspective the need to support and directly buy from our local farmers,” said Timothy Abello, CEO. “There’s no better time to adjust how we operate and shift our focus to helping our fellow farmers.”

Photo from Bunga Philippines

Photo from Bunga Philippines

Bunga Philippines’ Powdered Produce

Using their spray drying technology, Bunga Philippines bought tons of surplus produce directly from the farmers of Benguet and N. Vizcaya and processed them into powder. Aside from breathing new life into the ripening produce, this spray drying process also extended the shelf life of natural foods for up to two years. The powdered tomato and squash can be used as soup bases, sauces, juices, and even drink supplements as the vitamins and nutrients are all captured and retained during the spray drying process.

Photo from Bunga Philippines

Photo from Bunga Philippines

Currently, the tomato (kamatis) and squash (kalabasa) powders are available for purchase online. Bunga Philippines continues to promote the proposition that natural and healthy food powder made from fresh produce is a viable solution to the agricultural oversupply.

For more details, you can check out this video:

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About Bunga Philippines

Bunga Philippines believes in the farm-to-factory model which aims to promote and elevate Philippine agricultural products by improving both the quality and shelf-life of raw produce.

Their products are available online through their Facebook and Instagram pages as well as on Shopee and Lazada. Bunga Philippines’ mother company, Forturo Foods Manufacturing, specializes in spray drying technology through decades of experience and expertise by its founder, Engr. Isauro Jr. Abello. The company is an FDA licensed food manufacturer that primarily does bulk toll manufacturing and wholesaling for both local and international markets.

For more information, follow their social media accounts at @bunga.philippines or send an email to bunga.philippines@gmail.com.

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