Posturang Pinay Manila: Your Sole Searching Ends Here

Posturang Pinay Manila: Your Sole Searching Ends Here

When in Manila, the quest for the perfect pair of shoes seems to be an impossible feat. Thankfully, local brand Posturang Pinay Manila has arrived to give us everything we ever wanted for our soles.

We want our feet to look their best, but at the same time, we don’t want to torture our soles and cover them with blisters.

Posturang Pinay Manila_81

Posturang Pinay Manila, or PPM for short, offers style and comfort – plus so much more.

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PPM shoes come in the yummiest colors and are guaranteed to make even the plainest of outfits pop.

Posturang Pinay Manila_67Posturang Pinay Manila_4Posturang Pinay Manila_10
Okay, I admit: I’ve never been the biggest fan of kitten heels, but with designs like this, how can a girl resist? PPM’s Hebilla in pink is way too adorable.

Posturang Pinay Manila_84Posturang Pinay Manila_30

Iris is PPM’s bestseller from the Kitty Heels Collection. Turquoise and orange always look good together, don’t you think?

Posturang Pinay Manila_13
Rich opted to go with a classic – PPM’s version of Mary Janes, Maggie in wine red.

Posturang Pinay Manila_70Posturang Pinay Manila_61 Posturang Pinay Manila_58

All shoes from Posturang Pinay Manila are made in the country’s shoe capital, Marikina, and come with 100% leather insoles and linings to allow our feet to breathe.

Posturang Pinay Manila_78

PPM is actually having a sale until January 31. If you buy two pairs, you’d get a third one free! Aside from Iris, Hebilla and Maggie, PPM’s Revela in pink and gold are really cute, too.

Posturang Pinay Manila_45

Posturang Pinay Manila proves that we don’t really need to look far for the perfect pair of shoes. Why don’t we all support local brands When in Manila?

Posturang Pinay Manila


text by: Angelica Pascual

photos by: Rich Mascarinas

Posturang Pinay Manila: Your Sole Searching Ends Here

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