Filipino Women Spent More Time on This Adult Streaming Site This Year Than Men, According to Data

Adult streaming site Pornhub has released its annual year-in-review, and interesting data showed up about Filipinos’ viewing habits. (?)

According to the data it shared, Filipinos spent the most time on the site, particularly Filipino women. Out of 20 countries, Filipinos logged a viewing average of 11 minutes and 31 seconds per visit, while 52% of these are by Filipino women, and only 49% are male.

Pornhub 2021 Year in Review 1


Pornhub 2021 Year in Review 3

And it’s not just the Philippines that saw a rise in female viewership. Countries like Ukraine, Mexico, Chile, and many more also saw spikes in female viewership. This data only proves that more and more women around the world are embracing their sexuality and are taking control of their right to experience pleasure.

All in all, the Philippines takes the 9th spot on Pornhub’s most number of views per country, with the United States, UK, and Japan taking the top three spots.

Pornhub 2021 Year in Review 2

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