Politically Inclined Students of UP Baguio to hold Pakasaritaan 2022: Parties in Crisis! — Understanding The Dynamics Between Philippine Electoral System and Political Parties

Politically Inclined Students of UP Baguio (POLIS-UPB) presents Pakasaritaan 2022. This year’s online summit is open to all Senior High School and College students. Online Registration is still ongoing on this link: https://tinyurl.com/PAKASARITAAN2022

Catch this on May 21 and May 22 | 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM (PHT) on both days, via Zoom and live streaming on the Facebook page of POLIS-UPB.

POLIS-UPB is a duly recognized academic organization in UP Baguio consisting of Political Science students and enthusiasts. Since its establishment in 1995, the organization has aimed to promote awareness and appreciation in the discipline of Political Science, spearheading events that tackle different political phenomena objectively and critically.

Pursuant to this mandate, the organization will hold an online summit with the theme, “Pakasaritaan 2022: Parties in Crisis! — Understanding The Dynamics Between Philippine Electoral System and Political Parties.” The theme aims to provide knowledge on how specific arrangements in the structure of the Philippine electoral system — multi-member plurality system (MPS), arrangement in electing national and local executives, and the party-list system (PLS) — affect the organization and current state of political parties in the country.

The conference strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • To educate politically enthusiastic senior high school and college students regarding the relationship between the Philippine electoral system and political parties; 
  • To raise awareness of the electoral reform that political reformers in the Philippines are advocating;
  • Serve as an avenue for discussion about the purpose of political parties and their current situation.

Discussion revolving around this topic is thought to be crucial especially in this post-election period. This raises questions and encourages critical thinking among interested delegates on what might be the consequences of electoral reform to the country’s political party systems, and if this could be a step for us to move forward. 

Traditionally, Pakasaritaan is an annual on-ground summit held in a selected venue in Baguio City. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has been going on for two years, the organization has been holding this conference online since last year. The same this year, Pakasaritaan will still be held virtually for the second time!

This two-day online summit will feature three speakers from the field of Political Science with specialized interests in Philippine political parties and the Philippine electoral system. 

The conference is free of charge. Participants are only required to register and attend the event for their digital certificates. 

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