Plug It: The Best Place to Work When You Need to Pull an All-Nighter

It’s difficult to work from home because your house is your safe haven. It’s the place that you go to after a long and tiring day. It’s where you curl up in a blanket when you feel lazy. It’s where you let loose and laugh as you change the channels on TV. With that kind of comfort, how could you even dare to turn it into a workstation?
I’m not lying: Google “why you shouldn’t work from home” and the Internet (mostly from credible sources, mind you!) will shower you with a thousand reasons. It’s important to cut yourself some slack and learn how to balance work and life. Being at home is your time to rest – your time to take a break from all of the work of the day. Once you start doing work-related tasks under your own roof, there’s a tendency you’ll find yourself stressing out in your own bedroom, and that’s not healthy. At all. This is where co-working spaces come in.
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Many people are not aware of what a co-working space is; mostly because the concept might seem pointless to some. “Why would I go to a co-working space when there are cafes?” Well, cafes are meant for coffee enthusiasts. Secondly, there are a lot of distractions there. Not everyone goes there to study or work; some go to catch up with friends. At co-working spaces, everyone has the same goal in mind: to get some work done.
If that has enlightened you in any way and you’re now looking for a co-working space to visit as a first-timer, head to Plug It.
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Plug It is located along Espana Boulevard near the University Belt and a passage heading to Quezon City. Its accessibility gives it the perfect location for both students and professionals. Regardless of your occupation, Plug It welcomes guests with affordable rates for all: 45 pesos for an hour, 100 pesos for 3 hours, or 300 pesos for the whole day.
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That’s right. With only 45 pesos, you can already use all of their amenities, including their lockers, extension cords, unlimited drinks, and Internet connection. Plug It 10
The whole space of Plug It has a seating capacity of 60 pax. There are several tables and chairs you can occupy with plenty of sockets around. In case you’re far from one, you can just borrow an extension cord from the front desk.
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If you need a bigger and more private space for your group, they also have a meeting room available for rent at a price of Php400 per hour or at Php300 per hour if you plan on staying for three hours or more. It comes with a whiteboard, too, which is perfect for meetings or group studies. It can fit up to 10 pax.
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Like most co-working spaces, Plug It offers snacks and unlimited drinks to fuel you up. They’ll give you a single serving of chips. Also, whenever you feel thirsty or sleepy, there’s a beverage area for you to get coffee, juice, and water. They have cups there for you to use, too. Just make sure you clean as you go!
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Note: you can bring food and drinks, too. Just don’t distract others!
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Security-wise, Plug It is extremely safe because of three factors: 1. There are several CCTVs in place, so you won’t have to worry about leaving your things when you need to go to the bathroom. 2. It’s located at a residential building where a guard is on-duty 24/7. And, 3. there’s an online logging system before you take your seat where they will keep track of your time in and time out to keep the place free from intruders.
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And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. While those are all helpful in getting you through work, the main selling point of Plug It is that they’re a quiet zone. As I said, everyone who goes there wants to focus on what they need to do. With a serene and peaceful atmosphere, you can get into the right mindset and you’ll be able to power through without any distractions.
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If you’re a regular there, buy their Edge Card! You’ll get a discounted rate of Php250/whole day and 10% off on your total bill in case you won’t stay long. Check their website for membership application.
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Whether you’re finishing a report or doing your thesis, Plug It is the best choice for maximum productivity. With all of these inclusions and their convenient store hours, you’ll find yourself breezing through all of your tasks before your deadlines.

Plug It

2F Saint Clare Homes, Eloisa Street corner España Boulevard