Play ‘TIMELINE’ is about Social Media, Friendship, and All the Mess in Between

Words and photos by Jerika Danielle Clemente

Here you are just casually going through your social media account, when suddenly there pops up an x years ago today photo or post of you and your barkada. Nostalgic, isn’t it? So you go to your group chat that was once so active and alive but is now silent and full of unfulfilled promises of seeing each other soon, and you wonder, how did we even drift apart?

May it be checking up on them, or just missing them, social media is one of today’s best medium especially when it comes to bumping their jeje days photos into the timeline. Yup, social media also has the memories we might not always want to remember. Behind every photo is an unspoken story and behind every post is a kept reason, after all. May it be past relationships and connections, an embarrassing moment, or bad memories in general, you know that it’s just out there somewhere.

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Timeline 04

Journey with Trisha (Rachel Coates), Tracy (Isa Almazan), Norben (Justin Ayran), Charles (CJ Maramara), and Kay (Simone Sales) in TIMELINE, as they do just exactly that. A college barkada since freshmen year come together to try to decode how everything fell apart through their social media pasts.

BUT this won’t be just any kind of play. With every member of the cast being poets and spoken word artists who wrote their own script and characters , this play will truly be one-of-a-kind.

Timeline 03

Timeline 05Director Jay Crisostomo IV with the cast (from left to right):
Simone Sales, CJ Maramara, Justin Ayran, Isa Almazan and Rachel Coates

Timeline 06

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The whole play is an array of spoken word poetry (and lots of feelings). On their stage, you’ll see two art forms of equal beauty collide and dance to the story of their friendship.

Timeline 02

But how did they fall apart exactly? Well, that’s for you to find out!


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Praxis would have 5 showing dates for TIMELINE in DITO: Bahay Ng Sining, Marikina with each ticket is priced at Php 400  (with complimentary food and drinks!) and rest assured that it would be worth every peso. So #scrolldown and see you there! The stage (and the cast!) is waiting for you.

Timeline 07The cast, director, crew and a few guests after their press night