LOOK: This friendship is so extra, these girls used presentation slides to catch up with each other!

How exactly do you seal major sepanx when you finally see your loved one after so long? There is so much to talk about from the time lost being apart from each other, so what better way to articulate your thoughts and creatively catch up by using powerpoint slides?

High school best friends Sasha Magallona and Mayu Magboo took their reunion to a whole new level by presenting what transpired in their lives for the past three months of not seeing each other through powerpoint presentation.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Sasha for details.

Sasha shares that she has known Mayu since the first day of high school.

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“We rode the same school bus together because we literally lived 2 minutes away from each other by trike/car. I never expected her to become one of my best friends but we went to school and back every day for 4 years straight and we were put in the same classes from sophomore to senior year. We really click on almost everything (humor, interests, goals, etc.) I’m really grateful to know someone like her in my life!”

Sasha and Mayu embarked on separate universities after graduating from high school so they only get to see each other when they visit each other’s residences during breaks.

“We usually update on Messenger but sometimes things get so hectic that we really have to save our stories until we meet each other in real life. What we usually do is make outlines with visuals about what had happened. No one really said anything like “let’s make outlines!!” or whatever, it was just something that we naturally did so every detail was in place for the other person to know. Recently, though, Mayu was like “I’M MAKING A POWERPOINT FOR YOU RIGHT NOW” (we type in all caps) and I was like “OMG I’LL MAKE ONE TOO.” It was a really fun powerpoint presentation to make, Mayu even sent me templates so we could go all out with it when I go to her house.”

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How did the “presentations” go?

“Mayu’s powerpoint was separated into chapters, and the way her stories were presented was sort of like a script; like I could literally read her presentation and hear it in her voice! She even put transitions and varied them depending on the mood of her story. My presentation was divided into episodes (honestly, it was unplanned!) and it mostly consisted of pictures where I’d elaborate on the story based on the photo shown on the slide. We spent almost 3 hours each doing it.

Every time I go to her house, we always do something extra to post on social media. Last time I went, we played around on Photo Booth pretending we were taking pictures with celebrities and posted it on my “Photo Booth Hotties 2017″ Facebook album, and the time before that I made a mini Snapchat film where I was famous and Mayu called in Make-A-Wish Foundation to meet me. For the presentations, we got Mayu’s Yaya (nanny) to take a picture of the both of us and then took turns taking pics of the other person presenting and reacting. We really didn’t expect it to go viral or anything. We just do stuff like that on social media to entertain ourselves and see reactions from people we know. I was pretty shocked when my notifications were blowing up, but it was really endearing to see people all around the world tag their best friends they haven’t seen in a while to catch up on stuff they’ve missed on.”

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Pretty crafty, don’t you think? More power to your friendship, ladies!

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