LOOK: College life with friends illustrated in one creative photo

College life

One of our readers, Leesh Cayanga, shared with us a creative photo that illustrates their college life in UPLB.

Here’s the explanation.


6 different people, 6 different personalities, connected by the university. Bonded through mathematics. More than family. Always have each other’s back. Faced several challenges altogether. One goal. One dream.

For those of you who have second thoughts about traveling while studying, drinking on school days, joining an organization on your sophomore/junior years, let us tell you this, JUST DO IT. Live your life to the fullest! But never forget that academics should always be your top priority. If there is one thing that we learned during our college life, it is that time management is a key.

This photo has a Kdrama-hanggang-umaga girl, a sleep-is-life guy, a laro-kahit-hellweek guy, a ball-is-life guy, an acad-kahit-walang-exam guy, an inom-sagot-sa-lahat guy.

Here’s what this photo depicts;

We have traveled to different places in the country (Ilocos, Caramoan, Puerto Galera, Batangas, Davao) to see the beauty that cannot be seen and experienced within the four corners of a classroom. It’s our way to relieve stress every after a long and hectic semester. Note that we are not rich kids, we just save and allot budget for traveling because it provides priceless moments and memories that strengthens the bond of our group.

Of course, the primary reason why we were formed. We have same course with different majors but locked in one goal. To graduate. Sharing every knowledge gained from class. Solving hundreds of math problems together that cause headaches and heartbreaks. Encouraging each other to study when one is lazy. We thank the BS Applied Mathematics program of UPLB for being the enemy of our lives but molded us to become a united group. And yeah we have survived.

Handshake. We have become executive committee members and led the organization. We have learned a lot of things that we didn’t expect we are capable of. We didn’t treat each other as individuals with big responsibilities instead we plan the events like good friends having dinner and talking on whatever comes up to our mind. And poof, an event has been made and successfully implemented. SAM-UP has contributed to our growth and have prepared us in the industry. Also, our circle of friends has become almost limitless because of SAM-UP. We have our deepest gratitude to our SAM-UP family for they made us feel that we are not confined to the initial group we have established.

Through good times and bad times we find time to act as grownups and be childish at the same time. With or without any meaningful reason to drink, often, we caught ourselves thirsty for any alcoholic beverage at night. Though sharing a glass of beer or a shot of mixed drinks became part of our lives, we keep in mind to drink moderately and be conscious for each other’s health. We never forget that we still have classes tomorrow.

We know each other’s secrets. We know each other’s family background. We are not connected by blood but there is something that binds us. It’s like a thing that we cannot explain. We miss each other often. We had countless laughters, unlimited stories to share, sad, depressing and precious moments and bright future ahead. We can’t imagine our life in college without each other. These people will be the ninong and ninang of our sons or daughters.
For sure even after graduation, our chemistry will never fade. We will be on each other’s heart.
We thank everyone who believed in us. We thank everyone who helped us finish college. We thank our families for supporting us. We thank God for guiding us.

To our bunso, Robin. We’ll wait for your graduation next semester and let’s build the company that we dream of having.

Look closely on these faces for these are the faces that will serve the country as an Iskolar ng Bayan.


Share with us photos with your friends who you call family! 🙂