Pinoys Can Now Watch the “Blue’s Clues” Episode with Host Josh Making Bibingka! Here’s Where

We are loving the Filipino representation in the newest “Blue’s Clues and You” show!

Last November, When In Manila wrote about an episode of the show that was going to air on international television in which host Josh (played by Filipino-American Joshua Dela Cruz) was going to bake Filipino delicacy bibingka (rice cake) for his lola (grandmother).

blues clues and you josh dela cruz lola bibingka carolyn fe

The teaser clip of the episode, titled “Blue’s Big Baking Show,” went viral on Twitter after garnering positive reactions from Pinoys all around the world. Many admitted that it made them tear up knowing that they’re being properly represented in popular media.

Now, kids and kids-at-heart in the Philippines can finally be able to watch the episode on local television! The Nickelodeon channel is bringing that special episode to fans and friends of Josh and Blue in celebration of International Family Day on May 14, Friday.

Why should you watch it?

I was lucky enough to see the episode before its premiere this week and I truly was hit with a wave of nostalgia and emotion! Growing up having watched “Blue’s Clues,” this show was an integral part in helping shape my childhood into one that was full of opportunities to learn and have fun. And it touches my heart knowing that young Filipinos around the world can finally see themselves on TV through Josh, who was born and raised Filipino, and be taught to be proud to share their culture.

I also loved how Josh introduced audiences to the Filipino term “masarap” (meaning “delicious”) in the “Blue’s Big Baking Show” episode. He also consistently referred to his grandma as his “lola” instead of the English counterpart. But the best moment was undoubtedly when he greeted his lola with a “mano po” gesture, which is a gesture of respect for elders.

blues clues josh lola

I may not be a kid anymore but I enjoyed going down memory lane, singing the Mail Time and Blue Skidoo songs, and becoming reacquainted with characters I used to love like Tickety, Pail and Shovel, and Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. And though I will always be a Steve kid, Josh definitely has my heart.

Don’t miss the episode on Nickelodeon on May 14, Friday, at 9 AM! (Channel 45 on SKYcable for Mega Manila, Channel 33 for Cignal, Channel 57 for GSAT, and Channel 25 for Cable Link)

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