Pinoy Gaming Festival: The biggest gaming event in the Philippines



It’s summer once again and probably most of the teenagers are busy doing the traditional travelling to different tourist spots, in and out of the country. Some maybe enjoying the sand in the beach, others maybe chilling in cold places, and probably someone is hiking towards the mountain peaks. But, is this really what the teenagers are mostly doing now?

                The different activities that have been said earlier maybe the definite answer of a teenager 10 years before. At the moment, different high-technology gadgets such as Laptops, Cellphones, iPad, and others are playing a significant role in entertaining an individual regardless of his age.  A student for example, a decade before they use to hang out and play billiards to burn their vacant periods, but today, though teenagers on billiard alleys are still there majority of the students takes time and sometimes exceeds to give time for their new love, Online Gaming or in a gamer’s term, e-Sports!

                The love for the game has evolved, and different gaming communities have been formed to represent their respective games in multiple events, and if you ask a Filipino’ gamer on which event is he/she looking forward to attend every year? You’ll surely hear the majority say the three words, Pinoy… Gaming… Festival..

                Pinoy Gaming Festival or better known as PGF is an event that is organized by Rapture Gaming Network that aims to be that single platform wherein gamers of different community can showcase their talent. Not only that, but with partnership with different well-known companies the rewards even extend in as much as representing the Philippines against the other countries in their respective games. And as we hit our third year, this coming May 11 and 12 Pinoy Gaming Festival is proud to present ‘PGF 2013 Summer Assembly’.

                This event is set to hit SM North Edsa in full force! With cooperation of main presenter, Nvidia Major Sponsor, ASUS and other partners, Neolution, Mineski, PLDT Alpha, DC, Monster Energy Drink, PCWorx, E-Club, and Cyberzone, expect this event to be a blast just like any previous installment of PGF. Different booths from our partners will surely entertain you on grounds; at the same time your favorite Professional teams will take center stage in competing against each other to claim the most prestigious PGF Glory.

                If you happen to be curious about the said event, you can always try and explore this surging field and join thousands of gamers who will surely attend Pinoy Gaming Festival 2013 Summer Assembly.


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Pinoy Gaming Festival: The biggest gaming event in the Philippines

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