PINOY CHALLENGE: #BeTheChange That This Country Needs!

Elections are almost upon us and as the mudslinging and online arguments intensify, one netizen takes it upon himself to start a movement that aims to better our country. Read on:


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Full text:

“I don’t care who the next president is… what matters is what you do after you have voted.

At the MRT, I was able to ask a couple of people standing inside the yellow box to fall in line by saying “excuse me po kung pwede lang po tayong sumunod sa batas” After they followed, I said. “Salamat po”. ‪#‎smallthings‬

If we want change let’s all work together. We do need a good leader but he/she is not the primary person to bring the change. He/she is only 1 person. We are 100 million. We are the change that we need. ‪#‎bethechange‬

I challenge people to politely call out other people not following the rules in public. It will do 2 things: 1) personally, you will need to follow rules too 2)publicly shame people who don’t. There will be negative outcomes in the process but will change happen if we keep silent?”

Will you be taking on this challenge?


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