Ping Gu’s Mushroom Fries!

When in Manila and you want to try a unique (and healthy) snack, then you should try this AMAZING Mushroom Fries by Ping Gu!

Located at Cucina Andare at Glorietta Park (every Fri-Sun: 4PM-3AM).


Mushroom Fries


So addicting!!

Mr.Ping the man behind this discovery  and his wife makes sure they serve the freshest batch of organic mushroom in every order.


To quote their brochure: “They use a special breading to cover each mushroom and they deep fry this using Canola Oil resulting in a crispy, enjoyable and healthy snack bursting with flavor!


Fry, fry!


Different types of sauces

They make their own version of Gravy and Garlic Mayo! Garlic Mayo is my favorite, it compliments the Mushroom Fries very well!


Price list


Winner of last year’s The Next Big Food Entrepreneur

Mr.Ping’s Mushroom Fries is so addicting I had to order another serving! Its also nice to know also that these Oyster Mushrooms are good for our health and is packed with vitamins and nutrients and also a natural source of fiber.

Be sure to try this latest invention and I’m sure you’ll be coming back for more!

Check them out at:

Ping Gu (facebook)

Contact Details:

#: 09266711528

Ping Gu’s Mushroom Fries!