Pig Out! Nuvali: The Perfect Place to Pig Out when Out of Town!


When in Manila and headed to Nuvali for a fun adventure down south, why not dine somewhere you’ve never had in the metro? While most restaurants at Nuvali can be found at any mall in Manila, Pig Out! is the only one of its kind! With its one and only branch at Nuvali, Pig Out! has slowly become a favorite foodie destination for those on a weekend family trip to the eco-friendly park and commercial center, as well as those on a stopover on the way to Tagaytay.



pig out nuvali 3

Inside Pig Out! at Nuvali; simple and no-nonsense interiors let the food take center stage!




Pig Out! Nuvali


Pig Out! is the second locally established restaurant of The Bistro Goup, who have brought us the likes of Italianni’s and T.G.I. Friday’s. It is meant to be a family and kid-friendly restaurant, serving up a selection of numerous local and foreign grilled favorites. On weekdays, Pig Out! also offers an affordable lunch Double Up! promo for the hungry working class. Enjoy Pig Out!’s signature Tuna Belly paired with any of the following: Sizzling Sisig, Tinumok,  Chicken, or Korean Style Tapa and garlic rice for only Php 295.00. Hannah and I were invited to try some of their bestsellers, and I gotta tell you, they did not disappoint!



pig out nuvali 11

The very refreshing Babe’s Favorite fruit shake (Php 125.00), definitely this babe’s favorite! 😛



I was told that Pig Out! is famous for their one-of-a-kind fruit shakes, and now I know why! The Pig Out! fruit shake menu is a selection of such creative and fruity concoctions, with a range of drinks combining ginger, lemons, pineapples, and soda for that extra fizz. Pig Out! also offers healthy fruit shakes for those in need of a wholesome immune booster, like the “Stalk of the Town” which helps prevent gout arthritis, and high blood pressure. Hannah and I tried the Babe’s Favorite fruit shake, made from blended fresh apples, orange, and grapes with apple juice and honey. It had a sweet and fruity taste, making it totally worthy of its name!



pig out nuvali 10

The Pig Out! Fiesta Salad (Php 285.00)



Pig Out! has a number of tasty salads and appetizers on their menu, and features an array of familiar and interesting novelty dishes for wider variety. We got to try the Fiesta Salad, a festive combination of crisp lettuce, cucumber, tomato, grilled baby eggplant, and green mango topped with pork cracklings and salted egg. This dish had an undeniably local taste, with the sour green mangoes and salted egg offering a distinct kick of flavor. It was made even more special with its bagoong (shrimp paste) vinaigrette!



pig out nuvali 9

Pig Out! Mussels Oh My! (Php 245.00)



I’m so glad we had the Mussels Oh My!, I was so eager to try them out! These are baked New Zealand mussels with hollandaise and red salsa. I found them to be very fresh with only a subtle bit of cheesy-buttery flavor that well-suited the mussels’ natural taste; attacked them one by one! I’ve yet to try Pig Out!’s Indonesian Sate and Sizzling Calamari, those two sound very appetizing!



pig out nuvali 6

Pig Out! Trio Sinigang



The Pig Out! version of sinigang is quite interesting, it has guavas in it! Definitely nothing I’ve heard before, and it surprisingly works! The guava is said to balance out the strong sour flavor of the sinigang, and I think it did a great job of doing so. I found it pleasantly sour myself, with generous servings of pork and vegetables.



pig out nuvali 5

The Pig Out! Signature rice: Chicharon Fried Rice! (Php 355.00)



Pig Out! Chicharon Fried Rice

Having Pig Out!’s chicharon fried rice was definitely something. I love how the meat lover theme was inventively incorporated into a rice meal! It’s such a marvel; it was crispy and very tasty, the chicharon adding a nice salty crunch to the otherwise bland rice. I could’ve easily eaten this on my own, but I didn’t want to miss out on all the other awesome food we were having. Case in point:



pig out nuvali 7

Pig Out! Crispy Pata! (solo Php 395, to share Php 695)



This dish needs no introduction; it absolutely embodies what Pig Out! is all about, the epitome of what pigging out really means. A meal at Pig Out! wouldn’t be complete without trying their crispy pata!  The skin was crispy, and the meat juicy and delicious; it surely met my expectations!



pig out nuvali 8


Pig Out! Korean Style Tapa (Php 265.00)



I’m quite fascinated that Pig Out! has given their menu a touch of Korean here and there, such as their Beef Ribs Spicy Seoul Style, Seoul Spice fried rice, and their Korean Style Tapa. This is a pan fried spicy-sweet sukiyaki cut beef sirloin marinated in Korean spices. It was bursting with flavor! This dish was a harmonious and rich combination of the sweet, spicy and tangy; definitely worth a try.



pig out nuvali 12

Grilled Tuna Belly (solo Php 295.00, to share Php 575.00)



We also had the Pig Out! grilled tuna belly; it’s a Pig Out! signature dish! It is cooked with garlic, chili, and chili leaves. This was grilled just right; so moist and tender!



pig out nuvali 4

Pig Out!’s famous Grande Halo-Halo! (Php 350.00)



To end our pig out session, we had Pig Out!’s colossal Grande Halo-Halo! This giant bowl is meant for sharing, and is filled to the brim with all the favorite trimmings, plus two fat scoops of ice cream and large chunks of leche flan! As always, Pig Out! has managed to add a quirky twist to an all-time favorite, by filling their halo-halo with loads of strawberry-flavored popping boba! These little pink balls explode with yummy strawberry juice when you bite into them, so refreshing!


I’ve always found it easier to blog about a feature when I’ve had such an amazing experience with it, my lunch at Pig Out! definitely counts as part of those memorable ones! The notion of “pigging out” and eating to your heart’s content is more than welcome here, it is actually encouraged! Everyone deserves to indulge themselves with a hearty feast every once in a while, keeping your tummy happy and satisfied with a one-time-big-time pig out! So when in Manila, treat you and your family to a yummy tummy-busting treat at Pig Out! Nuvali!



Pig Out! Nuvali

Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Open from Monday to Sunday: 11:00AM to 10:00PM 

Visit their website: https://www.pigout.com.ph/