Photo taken from top of a tower is so detailed you can zoom in people’s faces!

A typical smartphone would have a 20-megapixel camera. The quality of those photos are already pretty good — the backgrounds are pretty detailed, you can zoom in to read immediate signs, all those things. So imagine what a camera with 195 gigapixels could do.

Jinkun tech, or Bigpixel Technology Corporation, thought to put this to the test. Their camera, with 195 billion pixels, is said to be 2,000 times as accurate as the regular camera. What does this mean, exactly?

Well, it points to a panoramic photo of the Shanghai skyline taken from atop the Oriental Pearl Tower, which stands at 468 meters. Not only does it capture a great view of Shanghai from afar, but it also a takes a scarily detailed one.

Let’s explore it a little, shall we? It starts off as a typical photo-from-above panorama, showing off the skyline.

Then you zoom in a bit, and everything is still clear as day. This distance is still some meters away from the ground so nothing mind-blowing just yet.

You go in even closer and things are beginning to pick up. Even at this proximity, nothing is starting to blur!

Finally, you’ve zoomed-in enough to be looking at the sidewalk and the details are still so exact. You can even read out the words on the sidewalk ad!

It’s supposed to be so good that you can make out the facial features of individuals. But I believe some blurring was added to the faces so it wouldn’t directly harm anyone’s privacy.

Check it out yourselves here, you could spend an inordinate amount of time on it.

What interesting or funny detail were you able to catch?

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