Philips Smart Safe Box Guarantees Exceptional Protection With Cutting-Edge Security Features

Ensure all your valuables are secured with Philips Smart Safe Box! It is designed to provide unparalleled protection for your most valuable possessions and is the ultimate security solution for modern homeowners.

Never compromise when it comes to security and protect your valuables against theft and environmental damages. Whether it’s jewelry, financial documents such as mortgage or loan agreements, stock certificates or other equities, business contracts, patents, legal documents, ownership titles, insurance policies or cash, make it secure with Philips Smart Safe Box. 

Philips smart safe box

Photo: Philips

Philips Smart Safe Box offers state-of-the-art security features, including tamper-proof construction and advanced access ways. It seamlessly integrates into any home environment, providing a secure and convenient storage solution for your most prized belongings. 

Explore the best-selling Philips Smart Safe Box models. 

Go beyond safekeeping with SBX301. Its furniture design lightens up living space, making it a great replacement for a bedside table while securing your valuables. It also supports wireless charging, bringing an exceptional safekeeping experience. 

Philips safe box SBX301

Photo: Philips

Crafted from low-carbon alloy steel and advanced fire-resistant materials, SBX501 ensures both fire protection and security. It features an immersive digital keypad that activates with a touch, complemented by a handle-free design and automatic door opening for enhanced convenience. 

Philips safe box SBX501

Photo: Philips

SBX602 supports various unlocking methods. It features an innovative fingerprint-enabled telescopic handle for seamless security. Along with Wi-Fi connectivity and dual authentication mode, it provides a safe and convenient storage solution.

Philips safe box SBX602

Photo: Philips

SBX702 secures your valuables with keyless unlocking and 2 independent unlocking systems. The primary system supports both fingerprints and PIN codes, the backup system is for emergency use and supports PIN codes only. 

Philips safe box SBX702

Photo: Philips

Philips Smart Safe Box sets a new benchmark for security vaults. When it comes to securing what matters most to you, choose only the best- choose Philips Smart Safe Box. Join the ranks of discerning homeowners who have entrusted their security to the pinnacle of home security vaults. 

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