The Philippines Is Going To Have Its Very Own Space Agency!

President Rodrigo Duterte recently signed Republic Act No. 11363 or the Philippine Space Act into law. With this law, both the Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA) and the Philippine Space Development and Utilization Policy will be established.

According to Dr. Rogel Mari Sese, an astrophysicist and the prime advocate of the policy, this would mark the Philippines’ official entry into the Space Age.

The PhilSA will serve as the main government agency to take on activities and issues related to space science, space tech, and related applications. They will also be involved with space-related research as well as represent the country in the international space community.

In his Facebook post, Dr. Sese says:

Republic Act 11363 or The Philippine Space Act has been officially signed by President Rodrigo Duterte on August 8, 2019! RA 11363 now officially establishes both the Philippine Space Agency and the Philippine Space Development and Utilization Policy. This landmark law is unique since it creates both Agency and Policy at the same time!

The RA 11363 has been a long time in the making (3 years pre-legislation work, 3 years legislation work)! It marks the Philippines’official entry into the Space Age and as member of the global space community! This has been the work of numerous people, institutions, stakeholders and legislators in order to make the country’s space aspiration a reality! Thank you to everyone who has been part of this long and arduous journey that no one thought to have been possible!

Back in 2011, I came back to the Philippines with the mission of creating our very own space agency. With RA 11363, I am happy to report to the Filipino people that this is it! Our country can now start working on utilizing space capabilities to improve our nation and the lives of our fellow citizens! This is for the Filipino people and our beloved Philippines! Para sa bayan!

This is exciting news for any Filipinos who have been interested in space science and space exploration!

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Read Dr. Sese’s full post as well as the RA in detail below:

Are you excited for the Philippines to enter the Space Age? Share your thoughts with us!


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