The Philippines Has the Most Female Visitors on This Adult Website

Every year, the adult website Pornhub compiles their data to provide insights on their year that was. And for the past five years, the Philippines really stood out in one particular list in this review: the average visit duration of a visitor. Read more about that here.

Well, it turns out that’s not the only thing we made it to the top for. Pornhub has recently revealed that the Philippines has also dominated their list of most female visitors in 2018 at 38% with Brazil and South Africa following in the second spot at 35%, and Mexico in the third spot at 31%.

The insights also show that Filipino women tend to view “Romantic” and “Behind the Scenes” videos more than other countries. In fact, the Philippines views the “Romantic” videos 233% more than other countries and the “Behind the Scenes” videos 204% more.

Are you one of the women who helped us make it to the top? :p

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