Philippine Dragon Boat Team: Three-Time World Champions

When in Manila, let us all be proud of the unwavering spirit and dedication of our Filipino athletes! Shortly after the success of our jins on the World Poomsae Taekwondo Championships, here comes another victory! For the third time, our Philippine Dragon Boat Team is once again hailed as world champions in the 10th International Dragon Boat Festival (IDBF) World Dragon Boat Racing Championships held at Tampa Bay, Florida.


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Our national team won the gold medal in the Premier 1000m event (small boat) division with a record-breaking time of 4 minutes, 57 seconds, and 13 milliseconds!  Australia clinched the silver medal with a record time of 5 minutes and nine seconds, while Hungary got the bronze at 5 minutes, three seconds and 71 milliseconds.

Reportedly, IDBF officers willingly paid for our national team’s temporary housing for the event just because they really want to count our country in for the contest. Meanwhile, two private companies sponsored the teams’ other expenses.

Despite lacking funds for the trip, these athletes managed to climb their way to the top with the support of some Filipinos and Fil-Americans present on the event.Take note that the Philippine Dragon Boat Team gave the Philippines its first gold medal this 2011.

And now, the Philippines finally takes notice.


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