Philippine Conference on Community Health “Bañuhay”: Discovering Health Care Innovations for the Filipino People


Since 2012, the Regionalization Students’ Organization (RSO) has gathered medical students and other health professionals at the Philippine Conference on Community Health (PCCH). This event serves as an avenue for potent discussions regarding community health, the Philippine health situation, and what can be done to improve the health of our nation.

Through plenary and parallel sessions, relevant issues are laid on the table, with esteemed speakers and facilitators to share their knowledge, expertise, and passion for community health. The conference also serves as a prime opportunity for delegates from all over the country to come together with a unified interest in community health. Apart from the conference itself, the Socials Night also gives the participants a chance to unwind and interact in the spirit of good cheer and camaraderie. From its humble beginnings, the conference has indeed shown a palpable and growing interest in community health, with its delegates actively asking important questions and sharing their experiences.

Now on its fourth run, this year’s PCCH comes with the theme, Bañuhay: Discovering Health Care Innovations for the Filipino People. While the preceding conferences focused on laying down the concepts of community health, this year, the organizers plan to take it up a notch. The activities for this year will highlight the application of these concepts – how they can be actually used as health professionals. The event will still have plenary discussions and parallel sessions, but apart from that, it will also include a Health Forum, where renowned speakers will come together for an active discussion of the pressing concerns on the different building blocks of health. This year’s conference also features a team-based activity where participants get the chance to work together, fostering problem-solving, strategic planning, cooperation, and teamwork – skills that will definitely come in handy in the community.

The 4th Philippine Conference on Community Health will be on November 28-29, 2015, at the Buenafe Auditorium of the UP College of Medicine. Register at Early registration ends on November 20.

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