Philippine Azkals and Cortal SQR: Quick Pain Relief event

When in Manila and suffering from body pains brought about by a stressful day at work, school or whatever, take Cortal SQR for the quick alleviation of pain and swelling in affected areas in just under 15 minutes !




Cortal SQR recently held a press launch at the prestigious Diamond Hotel along Roxas Blvd, wherein Cortal was reintroduced to the public as Cortal SQR (Ibuprofen + Paracetamol) and presented their new product ambassador, The Philippine Azkals. The event was hosted by media personality, RJ Ledesma and kicked off with a performance by cheerleaders for Cortal SQR, followed by interviews with the product manager and the Cortal SQR President.




The event reached its climax when the Philippine Azkals were called on-stage:




Although it was definitely a treat for my eyes to see the Philippine Azkals, my favorite part of the press launch was when the reason behind the partnership between Cortal SQR and the Azkals was brought to light. Aside from the obvious reason that football, being a physically demanding sport, entails bodily pain thus it’d be perfect for Cortal SQR to help out in alleviating said pains, Cortal SQR believes that, like the Azkals, everyone is capable of being the best that they can be, should go for what they want and not let anything, let alone mild to moderate body pains, hold them back, thus, the tag line, “We believe! Kaya mo yan!”.



Cortal SQR is a Safe Quick Release combination of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol that works quickly in alleviating swelling and bodily pains as studies have proven that Ibuprofen + Paracetamol are more effective in relieveing pain when together as opposed to either one standing on their own.



Cortal SQR guarantees to provide quick and long- lasting relief of mild to moderately severe pain such as myalgia, arthritis, rheumatism, sprain, bursitis, tendonitis, backache and stiff neck. It is also indicated for the relief of tension headache, dysmenorrhea, toothache, pain after tooth extraction and minor surgical operations, it may also be taken for fever. Standard retail price per tablet is P6.50.


With that being said, I’ll be sure to get myself a box or two of Cortal SQR, because even if I don’t get bodily pains from athletics like the Azkals, my being a student who constanly has to brave EDSA traffic driving to and from school is taking a toll on my lower back, legs and arms thus I always end up exhausted and aching all over when I get home! By taking Cortal SQR, I’ll be sure to feel better in no time and will have the strength to tackle whatever lies ahead of me!


When in Manila and suffering from mild to moderate body pains, take Cortal SQR for quick and long- lasting relief! Cortal SQR, the official pain reliever of the Philippine Azkals is now available in leading drug stores. Also, let us continue to support the Philippine Azkals and other Filipino athletes as they continue to make our country proud!



Philippine Azkals and Cortal SQR: Quick Pain Relief event