Philippine Arena to Introduce Fast Pass to Concert Goers

If you’ve been to any concert at the Philippine Arena recently, you’ll know the struggle of not just finding parking, but also getting out of your chosen parking area after a concert. I remember the first time I went there, we were stuck in traffic getting out of the parking lot for more than four hours. It was late. We were tired. And we had to sit in traffic just to leave the parking lot and go home. The struggle was real.

So, when it was announced today, April 1, 2023, that a special Fast Pass will soon be introduced to make concert goers’ lives easier, we were ecstatic!

Philippine Arena

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

The Fast Pass will entitle bearers to quick entry and exit to and from a “special designated parking area” that they claim is “much faster compared to regular parking areas”. How fast “much faster” is has not exactly been clarified.

According to today’s statement, concert goers may purchase the Fast Pass as an add-on to their concert tickets for:

  • Php5,000 for an all-day pass (inclusive of 3 meals and unli-drinks for 1 person) for those who prefer going to the venue early
  • Php2,500 for a half-day pass (inclusive of 1 meal and unli-drinks for 1 person) for those who decide to go just in time for the concert

More meals can be purchased as extra add-ons for those who plan on traveling to the arena as a couple or as a group. Other useful add-ons for your Philippine Arena trip include umbrellas, sunscreen, t-shirts, and even pocket Wi-Fi.

What are your thoughts on this?

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