PF Chang’s in Manila: Pesco-Vegetarians Menu for Lenten Season Eating


PF Chang’s in Manila Pesco-Vegetarian Menu

PF Chang’s in Manila



When in Manila, one thing you are sure to notice during Lent is that the people here take it very seriously – and I do now, too. However, I normally just stick to the traditional “I gave up meat” promise.


So, if you gave up meat for Lent this year, too; have already been a pesco-vegetarian for a while – or a full-fledged vegetarian, for that matter – or are dating someone or are friends with someone who is, then you need to visit PF Chang’s in Manila very soon. After all, PF Chang’s in Manila proves that being a pesco-vegetarian doesn’t mean having to sit in a corner with a dull dish of food in your hands while your friends feast on the most delicious meals in the restaurant. No. PF Chang’s in Manila proves that non-meat dishes can be just as yummy – if not yummiER!



 PF Chang’s in Manila



Fresh, contemporary and consistently outstanding are the trademarks of P.F. Chang’s. The first P.F. Chang’s restaurant opened in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1993. At present, there are 204 restaurants in the United States and 13 international branches.


The first PF Chang’s in Manila opened on January 19, 2012  at Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City.



PF Chang’s in Manila interior


The people who welcomed us to PF Chang’s in Manila!



It was an extraordinarily rainy day when I arrived at PF Chang’s in Manila for lunch with my friend Jacob. But the mood definitely did not dampen the moods of Angela Camin (Restaurant Manager), Charlz Dimal (Brand Assistant), and Vicente Rodrigo (Operating Partner) who happily welcomed us to PF Chang’s in Manila with genuine smiles on their faces. My Blackberry actually got stolen earlier that day, but this friendly and witty trio really helped me forget about my loss. Thank you!




After we were seated, we were introduced to the special sauces of PF Chang’s in Manila by one of the “meal creators” who are trained to give diners a more memorable dining experience by providing personalized care. Well, it definitely worked. The sauces, in general, were definitely some of the highlights of our meal that day. Delicious!




After seeing how stressed I was about my Blackberry loss, Sir Charlz suggested a cocktail to start – an Asian Pear Mojito (Php235), to be exact – and it was exactly what I needed. I usually get quite worried when it comes to ordering mojitos When in Manila, but PF Chang’s in Manila had the perfect mojito blend that wasn’t too minty nor too sweet. Perfect place for a night of mojitos? Check!




Our first starters on the menu were the vegetable spring rolls (Php125), which were crispy and fresh and tasted especially good with the aforementioned special sauces of PF Chang’s in Manila. We could actually distinctly taste the mushrooms in them, too!




Although the spring rolls were good, nothing could really prepare us for the Seared Ahi Tuna (Php385) that came afterwards. It was so fresh and soft, it practically melted in our mouths. AND THE MUSTARD VINAIGRETTE SAUCE ON IT!!! Oh. My. God. Although more Japanese than Chinese, this dish is definitely a must-try when eating at PF Chang’s in Manila.



On that note, the fact that they serve this Japanese-like dish on their menu is one of the things that really sets PF Chang’s in Manila apart from the rest of the Chinese restaurants out there. That, along with the fact that they don’t play any Chinese music and the fact that they have a more modern ambience overall (no red lanterns floating around here!).




Then it was time for the entrees. My favorite entree of the day was hands-down the Hunan-Style Hot Fish (Php650) – which consists of, believe it or not, tilapia in a tangy, spicy, and incredibly delicious sauce. Yes, I have decided that PF Chang’s in Manila has to become famous for their sauces because, really, that’s what truly made their dishes stand out for me.




As for my friend Jacob’s favorite entree, it was the Salt & Pepper Prawns (Php695), which were also amplified in yumminess by the spicy mustard sauce that came with them.




Speaking of Jacob, here he is. Can you see the satisfaction in his smile? On a side note: PF Chang’s in Manila provides an unlimited supply of white rice or brown rice with every entree. I know. I was amazed, too. And, if needed, you can even for a completely gluten-free meal, as well. All your needs = covered at PF Chang’s in Manila.




And now for the completely vegetarian dishes: the Sichuan-Style Asparagus (Php280), which also came with a delectable sauce.




And the Buddha’s Feast (Php295), which comes with a special baked tofu that has five different ingredients in it. Jacob swore he could taste a hint of cinnamon in it and Sir Vicente actually confirmed that there was indeed some in it. I’m a sucker for tofu, so this easily became my favorite vegetarian dish at PF Chang’s in Manila.




Now onto my favorite part: the dessert! When it comes to the desserts of PF Chang’s in Manila, you will be happy to hear that they aren’t too sweet, so you will never put your fork down and say “I’ve had enough” until, well, there’s nothing left anymore. In fact, being wrapped in spring roll wrapper, the Emperor’s Rolls (Php350) pictured above never taste sweet at all. They were Jacob’s favorite dessert that day.




And, being Jacob’s complete opposite food-wise, my favorite dessert that day was the delicious GF Dark Truffle Dome Cake (Php199). Outside, it is made out of a dark Belgian chocolate mousse, which sounds rich and sweet, but really isn’t because…




…it has a surprise center of passion fruit mousse inside! I am actually contemplating ordering a much bigger version of this for my birthday cake. Seriously Even the sesame crisp on top was memorable.



So there you have it: proof that vegetarian and pesco-vegetarian food does not have to be dull and boring When in Manila. Just visit PF Chang’s in Manila at Alabang Town Center and try out the dishes mentioned above – or go the extra mile and check out the other seafood dishes, vegetarian dishes and desserts in the menu. You won’t regret it!



With the friendly team of PF Chang’s in Manila! Thank you so much for having us!



PF Chang’s in Manila


Located at Alabang Town Center’s latest outdoor addition: The Street

PF Chang’s in Manila Phone Number: 869-7837 or 0927-5333445

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PF Chang’s in Manila: Pesco-Vegetarians Menu for Lenten Season Eating

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