Perez Hilton TELLS ALL On Miss Universe 2015 Finale!!

Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton is known to speak his mind, and he definitely did not hold back when he was interviewed on Good Morning America on his account of the controversial 2015 Miss Universe finale, where he was a judge!

Boy, did he have some interesting stuff to say on the whole event, which he described as “pandemonium” after the broadcast had ended!

On the chaos after cameras stopped rolling, Perez said:

“People were booing and screaming, and [fellow judge] Emmitt Smith came up to me saying, ‘Somebody was shot outside the theater’. We didn’t have all the information yet on exactly what had happened on the Strip.”

Perez Hilton Comments Miss Universe 2015

Perez Hilton also placed the blame on host Steve Harvey on what had gone wrong, citing reports of Harvey missing some parts of rehearsals after he was allegedly gambling and drinking hours before the pageant:

“Since the pageant, there had been reports that Steve missed parts of rehearsals, that he was out gambling and drinking and having a good time. He made a mistake, but he also could have been tired and hungover. He just didn’t do his job well. Period.”

When asked on his reaction when Steve called out Colombia as the winner, he said that he initially thought it was “rigged”, because “[All of us] voted for Philippines to win.”

Perez also didn’t seem to like Donald Trump’s suggestion (not that he likes the Trump very much, to begin with) of crowning co-queens, saying:

“Miss Philippines, whom we all voted for [and] deserves to win, won, but losing is the best thing that ever happened to Colombia, so in one sense, she truly is the winner.”

But Perez also had some major shade to throw at the Miss Universe runner-up!

“As a judge… I see her Instagram that she’s the ‘true winner’… There’s a reason — many reasons– she didn’t win. Congratulations to Philippines.”

The Instagram posts Perez was referring to are below:


A photo posted by Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo (@gutierrezary) on

(Rough translation: Forever your Miss Universe!! Colombia!!!!!!! #misscolombia)


❤️ This moments will always be with me #missuniverse #misscolombia #backtoback Lo logramos COLOMBIA!

A photo posted by Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo (@gutierrezary) on

(This moments (sic) will always be with me #missuniverse #misscolombia #backtoback We did it COLOMBIA!)


Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, also Colombian and supposedly Ariadna’s dead-ringer, posted a photo of support for the runner-up:

La Reina de todos modos????@gutierrezary #colombia A photo posted by Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) on

(Still our queen????@gutierrezary #colombia)

Check out more of Perez’s juicy insights below!

What are your thoughts on Perez’ revelations??