People Swear By These Solar-Powered Lights They Got Online

With rotational power interruptions being announced and the rainy season officially being here, we might be expecting quite a few power outages this year. Of course, it’s always best to be prepared. As early as now, it would be a great idea to stock up on solar-powered equipment—specifically, solar-powered lights!

Handling power outages can be a lot easier when you’ve got adequate light in and outside your home. Even if you’ve got consistent electricity, solar-powered lights are a great way to lessen your energy consumption.

Here are some solar-powered lights that people have raved about online. You can get them all from Lazada!

Heavy-duty outdoor solar light

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This 15W heavy-duty outdoor solar light is particularly helpful for keeping your outdoor spaces lit up at night. It’s very easy to set up, so there’s no need for any electrical wirings outdoors. It has a remote control for when you want to turn it on and off as you please, but it also had an automatic mode that turns it off when the sun is up. It just does the whole job for you!

Reviewers rave about its strong light and intense brightness—perfect for the outdoors.

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Dual-Colored Solar Light with Motion Detector

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This outdoor solar light has two colors. It has a warm light for times that it’s “resting” (ie. there’s no movement), then it changes to a bright white light when it detects movement. This is particularly helpful to scare off the people who are too near your home at night.

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Solar Fence & Stair Lights

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If you need to illuminate your fences in the garden, or if you have outdoor stairs that you need to light up, these solar lights are a great option. It’s specially designed to easily attach to the edge of stairs or the edge of your outdoor walls or fences. This is great for keeping stairs or walls lit at night without having to sacrifice energy consumption.

Buy these solar lights for fences and stairs here!

Emergency Solar Light Bulb

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This is definitely a must-have in preparation for upcoming power outages. This light bulb can be charged easily by using a USB cable or through the included solar panel. Because of its wide design, it can illuminate a certain space more easily. You can also set it up in most parts of your home just like a normal light bulb.

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Garden Pathway Lamps

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Need more light in your garden at night? These garden lamps are super easy to set up. You’ll just stick them into the ground and you’ve got yourself a well-lit garden. It automatically lights up once it gets dark.

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