People Spotlight: Gee Canlas, A New Breed of Comedy Superstar

The birth of a new breed of comedy has begun and we found it in celebrity/ actress Gee Canlas. Started as a host/ radio DJ, Gee has always found herself enjoying the life in front of the camera or a live audience. There is a certain high each performance gives that keeps her feel more alive – a showcase of a new persona, in a different world, in another universe. “The thing that I love most about acting is that you can step out of yourself and create new mannerisms and characters. It gives me an excuse to be crazy, sentimental, cooky, goofy,” says Gee.

People Spotlight: Gee Canlas, A New Breed of Comedy

One of her latest projects is playing the role of Tin-Tin in the GMA sitcom “A1 Ko Sa’Yo” alongside with celebrities Solenn Heussaff, Benjamin Alves, and 2016 Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Jaclyn Jose. Admittedly, she says the role is shaping up to be one of her most memorable, “I have never played a sexy role and here as Tintin, I get to explore her charcater as a quirky, sexy model- wannabe under Digna (Jaclyn Jose's) character in the show. I've always been used to roles that show me as just goofy and doesn’t highlight my physique and how I dress, and now it’s a cool experience that funny can be sexy too.”

People Spotlight: Gee Canlas, A New Breed of Comedy Superstar

Funny Is The New Sexy

Women of Gee’s kind have sure got it all – rock solid abs, hourglass figure, and a mouth full of pearly whites. But more than the physique, it’s Gee’s undeniable wit that makes men swap good looks for good laughs. “Funny is sexy to me because you have to be confident to be funny and confidence is sexy. There’s something about a person who can embrace his goofiness and just be themselves that translates as sexy to me. Humor involves a certain amount of confidence, wit and timing. And if you can make me laugh, that’s definitely sexy for me.”


GeeTV: Your Dose of Crazy

While the sitcom A1 Ko Sa’Yo shows Gee’s comic and ‘sensuous’ side, this wonder woman proves to be as funny and sexy in real life too! So much so that she needed an extra output to showcase the brand of comedy she has for her audience. This is GeeTV – an online sketch series tackling relevant issues and social trends in the funniest ways possible. From politics to relationship problems, GeeTV showcases various millennial issues that everyone can relate to. From the first episode “ALDUB Phenomenon Side Effect” (which accumulated a total of 250,000++ views and counting), this digital series proves to be the future (if not already) “Comedy Central” of the Philippines.

“I want GeeTV to be the number one Comedy Hub in the world!” Gee proclaims. “For me Pinoy humour is so unique, and if the world gets to see it, and appreciate it, that is sharing our culture, sharing who we are. After all, we are already known to the world to be always smiling, bouncing back from calamities, and what better way to highlight that more than come out with a channel that showcases our true humour.”

People Spotlight: Gee Canlas, A New Breed of Comedy Superstar

Comedy in a Click

Going digital is the future. And the future is NOW. With the coming out of various online shows and the rise of many celebrity vloggers (video bloggers), GeeTV is definitely keeping up with its release of its new season (2) with fresh episodes showcasing new collaborations and more celebrity guests! “The goal is, if you are stuck in traffic, having a bad day or what, you can just go to GeeTV, watch an episode and have a good laugh. And share this positive energy to everyone!”

There is so much more the future holds for Gee. Aside from A1 Ko Sa’Yo, she is also co-starring with Rhian Ramos, Rafael Rosell, and Kiko Estrada in a GMA drama series called Sinungaling Mong Puso – a remake of the 1992 film starring Vilma Santos, Gabby Concepcion and Aga Muhlach.

From comedy, drama, to hosting, what else can a Gee Canlas do? That is for us to find out, as she unfolds a new breed of sexy, smart comedy in the entertainment world.

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