People Are Gushing About The Baybayin Keyboard Again And We Totally Love It, Too

With sooo many things happening around the country, it’s so easy to get caught up with all the divisiveness and the hurt and it can honestly take its toll on how we feel about the country. Fortunately, I’ve just realized that even the little things can have an effect on our hope for our nation.

As of the last few weeks, people on the interwebs have been gushing about the baybayin keyboard that has been made available for smartphones. While the app had already been released a few years ago, it’s getting a lot more attention now.

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Baybayin is the indigenous script of the pre-colonial Filipinos. A lot of people have been pushing for it to be recognized more because it’s one of the very few things that is truly ours–with no hint of anything from our colonizers.

And so, people have been downloading the baybayin keyboard and sharing their excitement online.

With most of us spending our days on our phone, this Baybayin keyboard will really help in those of us trying to learn this written language.

Others are just having fun typing ~hidden~ messages with the baybayin keyboard.

I’m honestly thrilled about its sudden popularity again. Maybe sometime in the future, we can actually use it in our everyday lives. Sooo, BRB gonna go download this keyboard.

What do you think of the baybayin keyboard?

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