Party On: 5 Ways How EVO ’14 Was Unleashed!

Party On: 5 Ways How EVO ’14 Was Unleashed!


When In Manila, parties are simply EVERYWHERE, and each one offers a different kind of experience. A year after the ‘beat dropped’ and a month removed from its unfolding, DLSU Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association’s biggest event of the year, EVO ’14: Unleashed, still gives off picturesque memories of the ‘untamed experience’ that was. Now, here are five ways how JEMA unleashed EVO ’14 last March 8.


1. An astounding set of lights and sounds.



Party On at Evo’ 14!


Upon entering the PICC Forum 3, the first things I immediately noticed were the great lights and sounds system at the venue. Also, with the ‘heighten your senses’ selling point and the 3D glasses that were used as tickets, EVO ’14 definitely heightened my sense of sight and hearing with their impeccable set. Kudos!


2. An impressive 4-man DJ lineup.


DJ Mikhail Ignacio, a driving force of the local EDM scene, readies the crowd for his set


DJs Franco Zarate,  Brandon Jon, Mikhail Ignacio and Ron Poe, who is currently dubbed as “Manila’s hippest turntablist and hottest hip-hop mash-up artist”, all headlined the DJ lineup of EVO ’14. Each of them dropped electrifying beats which made the crowd go wilder and wilder as the night went on. The people were even chanting “Ron Poe! Ron Poe! Ron Poe!” before the said DJ’s start.

On a side note, prior to the event, the main event DJ, Ron Poe, even let the prospective attendees chat with him via a popular mobile messaging app.


Rising collegiate DJ, DJ Brandon Jon

3.  There were interesting spots for fun!


What made EVO’14 also extra fun was the presence of the various sponsor booths within the roofed venue. There was a large photobooth section where, aside from taking photos with friends, we could get one of those adorable speech balloon pillows. There was also a booth I got to drink delicious milk from (which was kind of weird to see – milk at a party?). Nonetheless, the milk was amazing. Also, there was a video booth area, which was livestreamed and seen on a large screen by the stage.


4. The booze was splendid.


Of course, a party wouldn’t be a ‘party’ without any drinks, right?! EVO ’14 definitely lived up to the ‘free-flowing drinks’ promise as there was a lot of booze available from the beginning till the end. There was free-flowing beer, vodka  and rum all throughout which, at least, ‘heightened’ the attendees’ sense of taste.

5. And of course, all of EVO ’14’s attendees were awesome!


It speaks for itself.  The attending people, of course, just like in any other party, made EVO ’14 more awesome and entertaining as they were  simply all out! I even saw this one guy dancing crazy on his own (really, on his own) as if there’s no more tomorrow hahaha well, that spoke a lot about his experience!



I asked JEMA’s VP for Career Development, Franco Aligaen: If there was one word to describe EVO ’14, what would it be?


The revival of this college party brand last 2013 surely ushered in soaring standards for EVO, which resulted to an even better 2014 edition of it. And one thing’s for sure: EVO will make a louder noise with its comeback next year When In Manila.



EVO ’14



Party On: 5 Ways How EVO ’14 Was Unleashed!


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