Paris Hilton Returns to Manila to Launch Azure Residences


More about the Paris Beach Club and the Azure Residences


Paris Returns to Manila at Azure_9

Paris Returns to Manila at Azure_10

The wave pool at the Azure Beach, right across the Paris Beach Club

Paris Returns to Manila at Azure_11

The Paris Beach Club by day…

Paris Returns to Manila at Azure_12

…. and by night 🙂

The Paris Beach Club is a multiple-level structure, which serves as the exclusive central facility for Azure’s residents’ various entertainment, dining and fitness needs. Just like a true blue out-of-town beach resort, the Paris Beach Club has the basic facilities, but in a more fanciful style.

The Club houses a THX movie room, function rooms, softplay and indoor playground, and a game room for the entertainment activities of Azure’s residents and guests. Furthermore, they have this awesome state-of-the-art gym and fitness center, which will have a DJ booth at its core along with massage and spa facilities for their patrons’ health and fitness needs. Besides this, there is also a very spacious lockers room and changing area at the first floor (which really looked amazing by the way).

Now, when they would just like to simply “chillax” and dine, they could head out to Paris Beach Club’s ice cream and candy bar and the al fresco dining areas located around the facility. While they dine and eat, the children could simply be left to play at the Paris Beach Club’s colorful daycare amenities at the first floor.

We were briefly toured at the sprawling Azure Urban Resort Residences by the very hospitable Century Properties’ Concierge Manager, Mr. Jordan Ongtangco. We were able to see the beauty of the nearest surroundings of the Paris Beach Club which are the grand entrance fountain, the open park, the beach volleyball area, zen garden, promenade, lagoons, and their children water slide (in which I’d really like to play at someday!).  Mr. Ongtangco said that Azure will hopefully be completed by around 2018, and by that time, they would close out the facade facing the Skyway as to make the residents feel that they’re really in an ‘oasis’. 

Paris Returns to Manila at Azure_12

The Santorini

Paris Returns to Manila at Azure_13

This is how fine the sand at Azure is; it was said by Mr. Antonio that it was imported from Masbate

Paris Returns to Manila at Azure_15

The other half of the Azure Beach which is more child-friendly esp. with its playground and calm waters

Paris Returns to Manila at Azure_16

(top) Azure’s own beach volleyball area
(middle) The alluring luminescent chairs along Azure Beach
(bottom) The lap pool which is mainly intended for residents that are swimmers-at-heart

Paris Returns to Manila at Azure_17

I so want to swim in that wave pool sometime.

Paris Returns to Manila at Azure_18

The Azure Urban Resort Residences definitely lives up to its monicker, “an oasis of calm in the midst of urban sprawl”. With classy interior designs, impressive amenities, and fantastic development plans for the coming years, one would surely want to own one room in this magnificent ‘escape’ When In Manila.



Paris Hilton Returns to Manila to Launch Azure Residences


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